genuine pine tar

Exterior Wood Preservation with Genuine Pine Tar

Genuine Pine Tar: If you are a first-time homeowner or you have owned multiple, the main goal is to always keep your home in the best condition possible. Many homes across the globe have wooden exteriors, which, if not consistently maintained, can deteriorate over time. As the years pass the last thing anyone wants is to take a good look at their home and wish they took proper precautions. When the exterior of a home looks to be in pristine shape, it makes a world of difference both to you as a homeowner, and to those who may be visiting. Instead of waiting until it’s too late, use a natural wood preservative to care for your home.  Pine Tar world offers a natural wood preservative with active elements that uphold the health of wooden exteriors.

So How Does the Preservation Process Begin?

First, you must understand that painting with pine tar is completely different from regular paint. Pine tar is made up of substances that are prepared by dry distillation of wood, especially pine. Based on which species of pine is used in the preparation, the pine tar may differ in odor and color. Our pigmented pine tar comes in four different colors; red, black, yellow, and brown. The pine tar is of the highest quality and the pigment is a natural additive.

Next, you must prepare for painting. Our pine tars need to be diluted by gum turpentine. The turpentine needs to be warmed before it is added to the pine tar. As long as the wood is dry before painting, and the necessary amount of pine tar is present, the process can begin. It is recommended that repainting your house happens during warmer weather for better results.


Genuine Pine Tar Can Be Used For Stylizing as Well

Even if your house isn’t in great need of a repaint, remember the hues we offer are also great for adding an accent to your entryway or facade. A house should be repainted at least every 5 or 6 years, so while painting the entire exterior is not necessary, it’s exciting to switch up the look of your house. Explore different options to give your home a makeover, and an elevated sense of accomplishment for maintaining its looks.

Pintar World Is Your First Choice

Ordering online is quick and easy. Our products are natural and effective as it fights algae, mold, or fungus. Preserve your home, and ultimately your finances, by choosing this high-quality product over and over.