swedish pine tar

Why Is Swedish Pine Tar So Important in Preserving Wood Product?

Swedish pine tar is a form of wood preserver. It protects the wood part of your house from rot. Wood is indeed a versatile material. It’s also durable. Unfortunately, it’s susceptible to deterioration. If you live in areas where algae, fungi, and mold growth, then it’s likely that your wood product will be affected. Hence, applying wood protection is necessary. 

Start Protecting Your Wooden Building Now Using Swedish Pine Tar 

Before people started to use pine tar, they treated their fences and exterior wood with engine oil and other preservatives containing biocides and insecticides. Unfortunately, the ingredients of those wood preservers are toxic. That’s why they are banned or restricted only for commercial use. Thankfully, people have started to recognize the value of Swedish pine tar. Pine tar is made of natural ingredients. That’s why it’s safe to apply it to your building facade. It doesn’t only protect it from decay but it also retains the natural appearance of the wood. 

Why Do You Need a Wood Preservative? 

Indeed, wood is versatile. It’s also durable. However, it’s still prone to degradation and disintegration. By applying this wood preservation to the wooden part of the building, mold, algae, fungi, and insects won’t have a chance to grow and develop. It means that the wood facade will last for decades. It’s the reason people in Scandinavia have used it for thousands of years and look at their wooden houses. They are still standing strong and they look stunning. You can apply this preservative to any wooden structure in your house. It means that you can safely paint it over your fence, porch, boathouse, etc. And if you have a hardwood floor, you can apply it so it’ll have a beautiful touch. 

Does It Need Repainting? 

Pine tar can last for years. However, nothing lasts forever. It means that you need still need to reapply at some point. But the best practice is to apply it every year or every two years. It depends on the wood’s appearance. If it’s losing its beauty, you may need to re-apply it even though it’s still less than a year since you last applied pine tar. It doesn’t matter how often you apply it. The most important here is that you are preserving the beauty and the structure of the wood so it can last for decades. It’s not tricky to paint this product in a wooden structure. But if you wish to make the process a lot quicker, you must apply it in the summer. Remember that it’s vital to dry the wood first before applying pine tar. 

swedish pine tar

You should also remove any dust from the wood before application. If it’s painted, you may need to remove the paint before applying this preservative. 

Where to Buy Pine Tar? 

You can buy it anywhere. However, if you want authentic Swedish pine tar, then make sure to visit our shop. Some shops do sell knock-offs. So make sure to only buy a genuine product from us. Call us if you need any help at (818) 308-8430.