where can you buy pine tar

Where Can You Buy Pine Tar that Effectively Preserves Wood?

When you type in the term, “Where can you buy pine tar” you will be bombarded with a lot of information online. You will realize that there are several online shops out there selling pine tar. However, not all of them can give you 100% pine tar wood preservative. 

Where Can You Buy Pine Tar in California? 

To get 100% pine tar, you should shop at Pine Tar World. We can give you the finest stuff. What we sell here is pure and natural. It is made in Sweden. It is an excellent wood preservative. To utilize it best, you must mix it with oil, like linseed oil. The mixture can be 50/50. At Pine Tar World, we sell different colors of pine tar. You can choose a red stain. It can be used in wooden buildings, wooden boats, and outdoor furniture. It is also ideal in damp or humid climates.

where can you buy pine tar

Wood Surfaces Only

Swedish pine tar must only be applied on wood surfaces. Do not use it on coated surfaces because it will only cancel its preservation properties. If you apply it on a coated surface, the coat will only form a barrier between the wood and the pine tar. As a result, the pine tar will only sit on the surface. It will not penetrate deeply into the wood. 

You can apply this stain on any wood exterior surfaces, such as fence posts, porches, barns, and wind plank siding, among others. Pine tar does require linseed oil, but it does not need any additional solvents. Mix it with the oil to make it easy for you to apply it to the wood products. 

Although the best mixture ratio is 50/50, you may still adjust the measurement. It depends on your preference. You can test a little first to know how your wood reacts to it. No matter what mixture you prefer, make sure that the wood surface is dry and clean. If not, the treatment will not penetrate the wood effectively. 

A gallon of pine tar can already cover a maximum of 600 square feet. When you apply it on the wood surface, you should use a stiff bristle brush. Brush out any drip marks. You should also wait for the surface to dry for three days before you apply another coat. To cure the surface fully, you should wait for at least a week. 

Purchasing 100% pine tar is easier now than it used to be, but you want to make sure that you only purchase it from a reputable source, like Pine Tar World by Auson. We sell genuine pine tar, which is produced from resinous pinewood. It contains rosin and fatty acids to preserve wood effectively. 

When you do use it, heat up the pine tar first. Or you can mix it with gum turpentine to make the pine tar easier to work with. If you need more information about where can you buy pine tar, please give us a call at (818) 308-8430