swedish pine tar

When Painting with Swedish Pine Tar

Swedish pine tar is effective in preserving any type of wood. It can help resist decay and other organisms that can destroy the wood. If the wood is left untreated, it is exposed to moisture, which weakens the wood structure. Painting with Swedish pine tar is a different experience. Keep in mind that this substance is produced naturally in the woods. The preparation involves dry distillation of pine wood. At Pine Tar World, we sell Swedish pine tar that must be diluted with gum turpentine. Or you can choose to warm it up to 60°C before you start painting.

swedish pine tar

Dry the Wood First

The timber must be dried first before you can begin painting. It allows the pine tar to penetrate the wood better. Drying the wood first is necessary so that the tar will not settle on the surface, rather it goes into the wood.

Opt to Pain in Hot Weather

The best time to paint your wood with this substance is during hot weather. The temperate must at least be 10°C. In that way, wood drying will be a lot faster. The best thing about this product is that you can choose to paint on untreated wood without primer or earlier mud-colored wood.

Avoiding Color Differences

Pine tar is a natural product. The outcome may vary depending on the wood. For that reason, it is important to combine the estimated amount you need for the surface. In that way, there are no color differences. The type of brush you use would also affect the result of the product. That’s why it is recommended to use a wide brush to prevent any uneven surface. To mix the pigment properly, consider stirring the can during the painting process.

Two Coats

Applying two coats is necessary to give the wood the best water protection. However, it does not mean that you need to apply the second coat right away. You can wait for a year to give the wood a second coat of pine tar.

When the painting is done, make sure to dry it up. It can take up to 24 hours to try it up at normal temperatures. The odor will remain for a month after painting. But the severity of the scent decreases after a few days.

Pine tar offers protection for several years. However, you need to re-paint it every five to ten years. However, the need to re-paint will depend on climate and wood quality. If it is time for you to re-apply, make sure to remove any dirt from the surface. In this way, the pine tar will penetrate the wood better.

Various Wood Protection Options

At Pine Tar World, we offer different wood protection products that can give your wood excellent protection. The Swedish pine tar available will help combat any attacks from mold and algae. To explore the other wood protection products that we offer, please visit our online shop. If you need assistance when ordering Swedish pine tar and other inquiries, contact us at (818) 308-8430.