wood tar

What Does Wood Tar Contain?

Wood tar is a type of tar derived from the distillation of wood. It typically contains phenols, acids, and hydrocarbons, as well as tar acids and tar bases. It may also contain other compounds such as benzene, toluene, xylene, and naphthalene. Wood tar is often used as a preservative and sealant for wood and other materials.

How to Use Wood Tar for Your Furniture? 

Applying wood tar to your furniture can be a great way to protect it from damage and add an attractive finish. To use wood tar, start by sanding the surface of the furniture using rough sandpaper. Then, apply a coat of boiled linseed oil. After that has dried, apply a thin layer of wood tar with a brush. Allow it to dry completely before rubbing the surface with a soft cloth to create a smooth finish. Finally, apply a layer of beeswax or furniture wax to protect the finish. With proper care and maintenance, your furniture will look beautiful for years to come!

Pine Tar Vs Wood Tar

Pine tar and wood tar are both natural products derived from trees, but they have very different properties and uses. Pine tar is derived from the resin of pine trees, while wood tar is derived from the bark of trees like birch and spruce. Pine tar is more widely used than wood tar, and it is used primarily as a wood preservative, to protect surfaces from decay and rot. Wood tar, on the other hand, has a variety of uses, including in leather tanning, as a waterproofing agent, and as a fuel for lamps. Both pine and wood tar have antiseptic properties, and they can be used to treat minor cuts and scrapes.

Why Do You Need to Apply Antiseptic to Your Furniture? 

Furniture needs antiseptic because it helps protect it from bacteria, mould, and other microorganisms that can cause damage over time. Antiseptics can also help reduce the risk of allergies, as some people are allergic to certain germs and microorganisms. Finally, antiseptic can help keep furniture looking nicer for longer, as it helps protect against dirt and dust buildup.

How Often to Apply Wood Treatment? 

The frequency with which you should apply pine tar wood to furniture depends on the type of wood and the environment it is in. Generally speaking, you should apply a coat of pine tar wood every 6 to 12 months to ensure your furniture is well protected. Make sure to apply the product according to the manufacturer’s instructions for the best results. If you see that the treated area is losing its shine, you may consider re-applying. 

When is the Best Time to Apply Pine Tar?

The best time to apply it is when it is dry or it has been refinished. It is important to apply the pine tar at the beginning of the season before the wood is exposed to the elements. This will help protect the wood from the weather and ensure it lasts for many years.

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