Tung Oil for Outdoor Wood

What are the Outdoor Woods You Can Use Tung Oil for?

Tung oil for outdoor wood is useful for many applications. You can use tung oil for most outdoor wood. This is the reason carpenters, crafters, and woodworks alike love this oil. It’s a common option because it offers fantastic results to finish wood.

Where to Apply Tung Oil for Outdoor Wood?

As mentioned, tung oil is good for any type of outdoor word. Here are some of the wood species that this oil is good for.


It’s a hardwood from Central and South America. This is a great option for any type of outdoor projects, such as decking. It’s hard and dense. It can also resist warping, decaying, and cracking. Although it’s already naturally resistant to insects and fungi, it’s still prone to attack if you don’t apply the treatment.


This is a common choice for boat building. That’s why it’s an ideal candidate for any outdoor application. It’s priced for its durability. Thus, you need to pay a huge amount of money for it. To ensure that this wood can last longer than you expect it to, you must treat it.

Tung Oil for Outdoor Wood


It’s cheaper than teak. However, compared to ice, it’s more expensive. Mahogany is top of the line for outdoor applications. Although it’s durable enough, it’s still prone to decay and infestation if you don’t treat it before you use it outdoor. Furthermore, without treatment, its reddish color will fade. Thus, you should treat it first before exposing it outside.

How Much Tung Oil Do You Need?

A gallon of this oil can cover around 400 square feet of the surface. But you may need to apply up to 5 coats. However, it depends on how porous the surface is.

How to Apply Tung Oil to Outdoor Wood?

  • Clean the Surface. The surface has to be clean. It means that grease, dirt dust, and other contaminants are gone. That’s why it’s vital to sand or strip it to eliminate coating or finish present on the surface.
  • Thin the oil. This will make tung oil easier to apply. It also facilities the drying process. Furthermore, it improves penetration. But if you’re applying it to an old, unfinished wood floor, you don’t have to thin the oil first.
  • Apply generously. You should use a generous amount for the first layer. It’s like varnish that sits on the wood. Keep in mind that this oil must saturate the wood cells. Hence, you need to apply a generous first layer and allow the oil to absorb.
  • Apply a second coat. But you need to wait for 40 minutes between coats so that the first coat is properly absorbed.
  • Allow the oil to cure. It takes up to 10 days to start curing. But it can take up to 30 days to fully cure the wood.

Buy Pure Tung Oil

To ensure that you’re buying authentic tung oil for outdoor wood, make sure to only purchase it from a reliable source. Visit Pine Tar Wood today to know more about our products.