Using Swedish Pine Tar

What to Watch Out for When Using Swedish Pine Tar?

Swedish pine tar comes from the forest. It is a natural wood preservative that can be obtained by burning the resin from the pine trees. It is mainly used to prevent microbes and moisture to seep in the wood products. Although it protects the wood products, it still enables the wood to breathe and prevents it from drying out and cracking. It aims to allow the tree’s protective resin to go back in the wood. In that way, the product can last for a lot longer.

Using Swedish Pine Tar

What You Must Watch Out For?

Before you apply Swedish pine tar, you must remember that it must only be utilized for wood surfaces. You must not employ it on a coated surface with petrochemicals. The reason for this is a wood that has been coated will have a barrier.

The barrier between the wood and the pine tar will cause the latter to just sit on the surface. It remains sticky. It will not penetrate the wood product. Moreover, it is not a good idea to blend conventional raw linseed oil and Swedish pine tar. If you do so, the pine tar will not dry. In fact, it will only go rancid.

It is also vital to remember that Swedish pine tar is mainly used for exterior applications. It provides a stain-like finish. You can also apply it on barns, decks, porches, fence posts, and wide plank siding, among others.

The best thing about it is that it does not require additional solvents. Rather, you will only need to add it to linseed oil. You must mix it with the said oil first because Swedish pine tar is viscous. Its natural viscosity requires it to be diluted. In that way, it will be easy for you to apply it to wood products.

When applying it to the wood products, make sure that you do it at room temperature. The best ratio here is 50:50. That is 50 percent linseed oil and 50 percent authentic Swedish pine tar. However, you can adjust the mixture depending on your preference. You may do a test first. Keep in mind that wood materials react differently.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the wood surface must be clean and dry. Then, make sure that the oil and pine tar are mixed well. Use a clean stiff bristle brush when applying it on the surface. Avoid drip marks by brushing it out. Allow it to dry within three days. Depending on the climate, it can take longer. To fully cure the surface, you must wait up to a week. As for the coverage, per gallon of Swedish pine tar can cover up to 600 square feet.

Protecting the Wood

Our Swedish pine tar is made to protect any wood surface to prevent trapping of moisture. It nourishes the wood substrate when used with linseed oil. It also protects the surface from moisture damage. It can also deter insects.

How to Buy Swedish Pine Tar?

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