use tung Oil

Use Tung Oil for Awesome Wood Finish

If you use tung oil with pine tar, this combination can give any wood product a beautiful glow. It allows the natural beauty of the wood product to shine through. But it is not the only purpose of the oil as it also puts extra protection on the product. Tung oil or Chinese wood oil is taken from the seeds of the tung tree. The oil has small molecules allowing it to penetrate deeper into the wood to offer further protection against cracking. It also adds extra protection against moisture.

You may use it to treat hardwoods, like mahogany. You may combine it with linseed oil and pine tar. This oil can be applied to any wood type, like terraces, boats, doors, etc. The best thing about tung oil is that it can give you a deep brown color. Furthermore, it is simple to apply. However, it is best that you wet sand the mixture to accentuate the grain patterns. Adding Chinese wood oil to pine tar will make it easier to apply to the wood surface. It also allows the surface to dry faster.

use tung Oil

Should You Use Tung Oil or Linseed Oil

It depends on your preference. They can offer a sleek finish. However, tung oil can offer better resistance to water. Then again, it can take a week or two to complete the project. If you are willing to wait for two weeks, at least, then use tung oil. Tung oil is easy to apply. However, it is tough to find 100% Chinese wood oil these days. At Pine Tar World, we offer 100% tung oil.

It is not a diluted varnish but an authentic product that has no additive. Thus, when you look at its texture, you will notice that it has the right viscosity. However, when you opt for tung oil over linseed oil, you will need to add more coats to give you the desired look. You may apply up to five coats. Then, you need to sand Chinese wood oil finishes after applying each coat. It is not like using linseed oil that only requires sanding once.

As previously mentioned, you must have to wait up to three days to apply another coat. However, it is more water-resistant. Because it is longer to cure, many people opt for linseed oil. Then again, you need to use it as an additive. In that way, it is faster to cure.

Preserve Your Wood Products

At Pine Tar World, we offer authentic Chines wood oil, pine tar, and several other products. Our pine tar is of high quality. Its pigment is a natural additive. It gives you the appearance that you desire for your facades and other wooden products outdoors. Painting your wood products with tung oil and pine tar will give you an amazing experience compared to regular paint.

If you wish to know more about how to use tung oil, you may contact our experts at Pinetar World: (818) 308-8430. And if you are ready to order, please visit our online shop to quickly buy the product you desire.