Tung Oil for Outdoor Woodd how to properly apply it to surfaces

Tung Oil for Outdoor Wood: How to Properly Apply It to Surfaces

Pure tung oil for outdoor wood can enhance the surface. It accentuates the grain by adding depth to the pattern. If it’s your first time using this oil, your first question might be how to use it properly. This post will help you out. 

1. Thinning Tung Oil for Outdoor Wood 

It’s one of the most vital parts of tung oil application. Keep in mind that if you will use pure tung oil, you’ll be working with a thick medium. By the way, when you purchase it from Pine Tar World, you’re buying 100% tung oil. In that case, you’ll be working with thick oil that requires thinning down.

To thin the oil, you may use turpentine. This too is available at Pine Tar World. It’s a better alternative and more eco-friendly than other treatments. Mix tung oil with turpentine before applying it to the surface. Tung oil can work well at full strength. But it still depends on what project you’re undertaking. Most of all, you need to apply a thin coat to ensure a quick drying time. The good thing about it is that it doesn’t go rancid. Thus, you don’t have to throw away the leftover mixture. You can save and store it for future projects. 

Tung Oil for Outdoor Wood

2. Preparing the Area 

Once the mixture is prepared, you should start preparing the surfaces to which the oil is applied. The first thing to consider is that the surface must be porous. It means that it has no existing finish on it. In that case, if you’re working on a coated surface, you need to remove the finish first. You may sand with fine to medium grit sandpaper. Or you may use a sander. It can bring up the grain of the wood. Sanding can raise the details of the wood allowing the oil to seep deeper for outstanding results. 

3. Applying the Oil 

  • To properly apply this oil, you need to use a clean, dry, and soft bristle. You may also use a foam brush for easy stroking. 
  • Then, wait up to 40 minutes to apply the next coat. This will allow the oil to be absorbed by the wood. 
  • Repeat the steps until you have saturated the surface. 
  • Allow it to stand for 40 minutes. 
  • Wipe away any excess oil
  • Let the coated surface cure before you use it. 

4. Curing 

It can take up to 30 days to completely cure the area. But the minimum waiting time is 10 days. However, if you wish to achieve better results, you should wait up to 30 days before you can start using the surface. And make sure that the coated surface is in a well-ventilated area. If not, you will have to turn on portable fans to facilitate the drying process. 

Buying Tung Oil 

After knowing the proper way to use tung oil for outdoor wood, it’s now time for you to visit our online shop to buy it or browse our other drying products. You may also call us here for more information: (818) 308-8430