pine tar for sale

Treating Wood Surface with Genuine Pine Tar

Staining your furniture is just an option. However, applying wood treatment, like pine tar, is necessary to ensure the wood gets the protection that it needs. You can buy pine tar for sale today so you can start protecting your wood surface at home and protect its beauty.

Stop Wood from Drying with Pine Tar for Sale

The pine tar for sale that you can buy here at Pine Tar World can be the best wood treatment that you need for your wood surface. It prevents the wood from drying, cracking, and deteriorating. Keep in mind that when you expose the wood to moisture, the wood can start to swell. This is the reason your wood drawer won’t open. But you can prevent it from happening by applying this wood treatment to repent it from swelling and cracking.

pine tar for sale

Durable Protection

Painting the wood surface won’t provide the utmost protection to the wood. Although it makes the wood look good, it doesn’t have the ingredients that can effectively protect the wood. That’s why if you want your wooden products that last for a longer period, you should apply this wood treatment once a year, depending on how the wood surface looks.

Why Choose Pine Tar?

Unlike other wood treatment products on the market, pine tar contains only natural ingredients. In that case, it’s non-toxic. The odor that it emits is not too painful to the nose when you breathe it. However, you still need to use the necessary protection when you apply it to your wooden surface.

Unique Finish

What’s great about pine tar is that it exhibits a unique finish. It brings out the natural appearance of the wood. But the color will depend on the pine tar. Since it contains natural ingredients, the color will vary.

However, because of pine tar’s sticky nature, you need to add another ingredient, such as gum turpentine. The additional ingredient dilutes pine tar so it won’t be too sticky to apply. But you need to mix equal parts of pine tar and the additional ingredient. You can also use purified linseed oil to dilute the pine tar.

Diluting pine tar is necessary to ensure that it sticks to the wood surface more effectively. If it doesn’t stick to the surface, then it can’t go deep into the wood rendering it useless. But even if you make it less sticky with dilution, you still need to dry the wood surface. This will guarantee that the mixture will penetrate deeply into the wood and form a barrier against moisture, which can start a fungal attack.

Pine Tar Coats

The number of coats you can apply to depends on your preference. If you have all the time in the world, you can apply two coats. But make sure that the first coat is completely dry before you apply another one. You may need to wait a few days for the first coat to dry. After that, you can safely apply another coat.

Are you ready to start protecting your wood surface? If you are, then shop Pine Tar World today to buy our pine tar for sale. Or you may call us here: (818) 308-8430.