Black pine tar

The Wood Treatment That Stood the Test of Time

Black pine tar can provide your wood furniture or any wood surface with a classic appearance that lasts for a long period. Choosing this type of pine tar will ensure that the natural beauty of the wood will remain for a long time to come. 

What Makes Black Pine Tar Effective as Wood Treatment Against Rot? 

This pine tar has resins and terpenes. The latter is used as a treatment to protect itself against decay. Trees need to develop a method that keeps herbivores away. Terpenes are effective in deterring herbivores, thereby, protecting the tree from being eaten. The terpenes in pine tar are solvents. They are there to ensure that the drying process is a lot quicker. In that case, there’s no need for you to wait for a very long time for the pine tar to dry. Wood surfaces can be harmed by humans, microorganisms, and many others. Thankfully, pine tar has resins that protect trees from microorganisms. They are also useful in healing the wood’s injuries. 

Why Choose Black Pine Tar? 

The black color is extraordinary. It gives the wood surface that rich color, which is so appealing to the eyes. It’s full and deep and inviting at the same time. You will get the black color by mixing linseed oil, authentic pine tar, and gum turpentine. As you mix them well, you get the black color that you desire. Another reason many people opt for black pine tar is that you can use it on anything you want. But it’s especially useful if you wish to achieve black wood furniture or fence posts that can draw attention. 

You can use it on fences, planet collars, facades, and many others. It can also be successfully applied to wood paneling that has been tarred or untreated. Pine tar can be used on any wood surface. It’s what makes this wood treatment a popular option for many homeowners. If you wish your wooden furniture or any wood surface to look good for a long period, then pine tar is the best option. 

However, the timing on when to apply it on wood surfaces is necessary. Although pine tar is quick to dry, other factors can affect its drying process. For that reason, it is highly suggested to apply it in warm weather. This is the time when pine tar is easier to work on as it penetrates the wood faster. The quicker this product can penetrate and dry quicker, the better the wooden products will be. It’s best when you apply it on the wood surface if the weather outside is 10°C. The warm weather can make a difference to the results you are hoping for. 

the wood treatment that stood the test of time

Start Protecting Your Wood Products Now 

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