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The Best Place to Buy Swedish Pine Tar Online

Many houses around the world feature wood in their structure. This material makes them feel like a rustic home and they look amazing. Wood requires the proper maintenance to last long and keep its looks. To do this, it’s in your best interest to find the best place to buy Swedish Pine Tar online. This is the best material to preserve wood, as pine tar has been used in Scandinavia to conserve cottages, splint roofs, and boats for hundreds of years.

Pine Tar World by Auson brings you the most complete variety of wood protection products online. When you treat your wooden surfaces with our products, not only do you recover their original beauty. The wood’s natural substances repel algae, mold, and fungus. The result is a wooden ambient that looks and even smells naturally.

Pine Tar World’s High-Quality Products

The Swedish Pine Tar we sell at Pine Tar World impregnates your wood structure. This way, they prevent moisture to penetrate the wood. This makes it harder for algae and mildew to grow in it. This brings a lot of benefits to your wood, as it is protected from drying and cracking. This is particularly special for humid spaces or properties that are exposed to excessive rain. With no proper prevention, these factors can ruin your wood.

buy swedish pine tar

Our genuine Pine Tar is created directly from resinous pines. So our tar holds all the natural substances present in wood, like rosin and fatty acids. Scandinavian pine tar is the finest material to protect wooden structures against rot. It is also mildly antiseptic. It is recommended to preserve cottages, splint roofs, boats, bridges, and even wooden church roofs as well as other cultural buildings made of wood.

Buy Swedish Pine Tar Online at Our Store

Pine Tar World’s online store features Swedish Pine Tar in many different colors to fit your wooden structure’s style. We also have Linseed Oil and Gum Turpentine available. You can buy them online at our website using your computer or mobile device. The process is easy and swift, and you can have your products delivered at home. Our system can calculate the shipping cost for you depending on which area of the USA you are located in.

If you have any additional questions about Pine Tar World and our products, please call us at (818) 308-8430. You can also send us an email to with all your queries.