Best Pine Tar

The Best Pine Tar to Seal Wood for Outdoor Use

Wood furniture is timeless. It adds warmth and character to any room of your house. But if you use it outdoor, it can liven up your outdoor space. Even though wood furniture is resilient and needs little maintenance, it won’t last long if you expose it to harsh weather elements. To protect it from getting damaged, though, you need to apply a wood treatment. The best pine tar is an ideal option for this purpose.

The Best Pine Tar in Protecting Wood Furniture

Pine tar is a known wood preserver. It doesn’t only protect the wood from foreign elements but it also brings out the natural beauty of the wood. Because of how it works, pine tar is a common choice among owners of wood furniture.

Best Pine Tar

Why Do You Need this Protection When the Furniture Has Paints?

Protecting your wood furniture using pine tar is more cost-effective than treating it for decay problems. It prevents the wood from rotting. Even though the furniture is painted, it’s not protected against fungal attacks. Paint doesn’t offer such protection. But pine tar is different. It treats the wood surface and penetrates deeper to provide better protection against rotting.

How Does It Work?

Pine tar has antiseptic properties. It can fight against fungi, molds, and other organisms that cause wood decay. Unlike other wood preservers, pine tar is made from all-natural ingredients. Thus, it is safe for humans, animals, and plants. When you choose to use this wood preserver in protecting the wood, you may need to re-coat it. But you can only re-apply every year or every two years. It depends on the wood’s appearance. If the coating has worn off, then that’s the time to re-apply it.

When you choose to treat your wood surface with pine tar, you don’t need to treat it with fungicidal wash. As mentioned earlier, this wood preserver has antiseptic properties that protect the wood against fungi, molds, and algae. However, if you choose another wood preserver, though, you will have to treat the wood with a fungicidal wash first before treating it with a wood preservation product.

Furthermore, if you are treating wood with pine tar and the wood has already established spores in the timber, you need to get rid of it first. It’ll be pointless to apply pine tar if the wood surface is infected. Remove existing elements before you apply this preserver.

How to Buy Genuine Pine Tar?

We emphasize “genuine” because you can easily find pine tar from other online sellers. But those sellers don’t sell authentic pine tars. It means that what they’re selling isn’t concentrated. It has additional ingredients that can lessen the effectiveness of the pine tar or do damage to the wood. But if you shop at Pine Tar World, you can be sure you’re getting the best pine tar that can genuinely treat your wood surface. To explore our pine tar products, you can start here or call us at (818) 308-8430.