swedish pine tar

Swedish Pine Tar to Make Woods in Your Home Last

Swedish pine tar is known to protect wood products from molds and other harmful organisms. It can make those products last long. Wood is vital in any household. It is versatile and sturdy. Any house has an item that is made of wood. However, it is prone to pest infestation. 

It can all start with water. Water and wood do not form a great combination. If you exposed your wood product to water, it could stain, warp and rot. And this could cause real concern. If you have already built a set of wood furniture in your house, you must address this issue now. 

swedish pine tar

Why Use Swedish Pine Tar 

Pine tar is a popular wood protection product that offers excellent protection. When you treat your wood products with it, you are using the natural elements of the wood to fight against the attacks of mold fungus, and algae. 

Fungal Attack 

Fungi can easily attack any type of wood product. The goal of this wood protection product is to avoid moisture content in the wood. It provides a barrier so that moisture cannot penetrate the inside of the wood for a prolonged period of time. 

Pine tar can provide the wood product with greater durability so that it will be resistant to insect attacks. It prevents moisture from going into the wood. As a result, it makes it difficult for fungi or mildew to develop. 

Drying Out 

Wood products can dry out and crack eventually. Any wood can change its shape. The main reason is moisture content and humidity. 

If it has a high moisture content, it could shrink and dry. But a wood with low moisture content will also swell because it absorbs water from the air. 

To prevent the wood from drying and cracking, it has to be cured. Some wood protection products are smelly and they can cause allergies. That’s why most wood product enthusiasts are turning to pine tar. It is a purely natural product that is effective in protecting your wood products from moisture. 

When you treat your wood with pine tar, you need to dilute it with gum turpentine. Then, make sure to warm it up before you can start painting. If you do not have gum turpentine, you may use linseed oil but use a 50/50 ratio. That is 50% linseed oil and 50% pine tar. 

Linseed oil is vegetable oil. It is obtained through heat treatment. At Pine Tar World, we sell boiled linseed oil. It is an ideal option if you wish the linseed oil to have yellow-brown color.

Before painting, the wood must be thoroughly dry. Too much moisture can cause the mixture to stay on the surface. For that reason, it is highly suggested to paint your wood products during the hot season so it will be easier for the wood to dry. 

When painting, make sure that the components are mixed properly to achieve a uniform color. Mix it now and then while painting. 

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