Swedish Pine Tar

Swedish Pine Tar in Waterproofing Wood

Some of the delightful pieces of furniture that we placed outside are made from wood, which is the best-loved building material. But wood is prone to moisture that causes rotting and warping. To protect it, we recommend the application of Swedish pine tar

Swedish Pine Tar as a Surefire Way to Protect Wood 

The best thing about this wood protection product is that it can waterproof your wood so it can last for many years to come. We only sell here genuine pine tar. It is made from resinous pinewood. It consists of rosin and fatty acids. It also contains rosin oil, esters, and oxidized acids, among others. 

In Scandinavia, this wood protection has been used for hundreds of years in preserving wooden buildings and jetties.

When applying this product, we recommend mixing it with oil first. Tung oil and linseed oil are ideal. These oils will not only protect your woods but also beautify them. They can hasten the drying times while eliminating stickiness. 

You should mix the ingredients thoroughly. Apply it with a natural bristle brush. Make sure that the wood product has been properly cleaned and sanded. You may reapply the mixture to any spots that you think still look dry. 

After application, let the wood dry completely. You may have to wait for a few hours or overnight to ensure complete dryness. To obtain the finish that you want, re-apply the mixture as often as you want until you have achieved the desired finish. 

Inspect the Wood

Before you apply pine tar, you must inspect the wood product carefully. Make sure that it does not have any loose or warped spots. If there are, you have to repair them first. If you have applied pine tar before, you should sand the wood before you re-apply a fresh coat. 

To be certain that the pine tar penetrates the wood well, make sure that you remove all dirt and debris from the wood. It has to be cleaner and smoother so that pine tar will penetrate the wood perfectly. 

If there are traces of mildew or mold, you must use a cleaner to remove them. Before you apply pine tar to waterproof the wood, you should ensure that the wood is completely dry. When you washed the wood, wait for at least three days before washing before you apply pine tar.

Swedish Pine Tar

Plan Ahead

You would want to apply pine tar during warm months. Make sure that the water is dry before you apply this wood protection. Use a brush or roller to apply the sealer. If you are living in a place that experiences a lot of rain, you should apply more than one coat of pine tar. But before you apply the second coat, allow the first coat to dry first. 

Swedish pine tar is ideal for waterproofing your wood. But make sure that you are getting a genuine product. To ensure that you have authentic pine tar, shop at Pine Tar World. We offer many products to waterproof your woods. Give us a call to find out more about our genuine pine tar: (818) 308-8430.