Swedish Pine Tar

Swedish Pine Tar in Protecting Wood from Decay

Swedish pine tar is a popular wood protection product. A lot of our customers inquire about how effective it is in protecting their wood furniture from decay. 

Role of Swedish Pine Tar in Protecting Wood 

This wood protection product coats the wood to form a film that can prevent decay. Go on and utilize authentic pine tar from Pine Tar World. Then you can be sure that your wood product will be protected against any decay for a long time. When the paint seals cracked, it results in water entering the wood. It contributes to decay. Water will seep through the seal and it is absorbed easily at the end of the wood pieces.

One of the biggest enemies of wood products is water. That’s why when it is used as lumber, it is dried first to eliminate all the water in living wood. Dried lumber is tougher. It is also harder and more stable. However, drying is not enough to protect the wood from moisture. For that reason, we recommend the use of a wood finish, like pine tar. 

Long-Term Protection 

Pine tar creates a deep color. It highlights the natural wood grain. However, it is not the only reason many of our clients are using it. They apply it to their wood products for long-term protection. It protects the wood against damage from water, food, and sharp objects. 

When you treat wood with pine tar, you are providing it with natural substances to fight against mold, algae, and fungus. It protects the wood by preventing any moisture from penetrating the wood. It makes it harder for algae to develop. 

Once you have applied it, you can safely place the wood outdoor. Pine tar will also protect it against UV rays. Although pine tar allows the wood to last longer, you need to reapply it. 

Resinous Pinewood

Our genuine pine tar is made of resinous pinewood. It includes rosin and fatty acids. Plus, it contains esters, fatty alcohols, and other ingredients that characterize pine tar as high quality. You may use this product to protect your wooden buildings, boats, and everyday items. Because our pine tar is mildly antiseptic, it can effectively protect your wood against rot. Many of our customers use it to preserve their cottages, wooden church roots, and other buildings that are made of wood. 

Swedish Pine Tar

How to Use Pine Tar for Wood Protection 

Make sure to heat it to 50 degrees Celsius. Or you may opt to mix it with gum turpentine to make it more volatile. It also becomes easy to work with. The gum turpentine helps the pine tar to penetrate the wood successfully. But do not use a thick layer. Instead, you must only apply thinly to prevent the film from cracking. 

Before you apply it to your wood products, make sure that the wood is completely dried. Clean it properly as well. After application, your wood product will have a pine tar odor. It is not intoxicating. Some people find it appealing. To know more about Swedish pine tar and how to apply it, contact us at (818) 308-8430.