Swedish Pine Tar

Swedish Pine Tar as Wood Protector to Fight Fungi

Wood is a renewable resource. When used as wooden furniture, it adds beauty to your house or office. But it is prone to damage. Hence, to protect your wood products, apply some wood protection, like Swedish pine tar, to lengthen its life. 

Swedish Pine Tar in Protecting Wood 

Modern homes and offices are using wooden furniture. And most of them apply Swedish pine tar for total wood protection. It protects the wood product from fungi and pests. 

Swedish Pine Tar

Protect Your Wood Furniture from Fungi 

Treating your lumber or plywood used for your homes with pine tar will make them safe from fungi and other dangers. Pine tar is proven deadly to fungi. It is effective at protecting the wood by mixing it with other chemicals that are vital to stop fungi from growing. Pine tar is a highly effective preservative that can take full control over the fungi. These are organisms that can easily deteriorate the value and beauty of your wood furniture. The best thing about this wood protection product is that it is safe for humans. In that case, you can apply it on your own without the use of some special equipment. 

Environment-Friendly Wood Protection 

Pine tar contains natural ingredients. Hence, you can be sure that the protection it offers is long-lasting. It also protects your wood products from UV radiation. UV is one of the causes of the destruction of wooden products. It alters the composition of the wood. It disrupts the cell walls of the wood. 

The colorant in pine tar absorbs ultraviolet light. Thus, the more you apply it to the wood, the less light it penetrates through the wood. You may use pine tar on either treated or untreated wooden furniture or products. 

What makes it an easy solution to protect your wooden products is that it is easy to apply. Its components penetrate the wood deeply. After proper application, it gets ready to protect your wood from cracking and drying. It also prevents it from decaying. Because of its highly effective solution in absorbing UV radiation, many wood enthusiasts would opt to use it. You can also apply it on facades, treated, and untreated wood. 

Drying is a Must 

When you choose to apply this wood protectant, you must dry the wood first. But opt to clean it properly before drying. Since it requires a lot of time to dry, it is best to apply pine tar during summer. Besides pine tar, we offer other wood protection products that are as effective as pine tar in protecting wood products. 

Pine tar is made of natural ingredients. Thus, when you choose to treat your wood with it, you are giving the wood the natural substances that help combat attacks from fungi and algae. It provides a barrier to the wood structure. In that way, moisture will not penetrate the wood. Thus, fungi will find it difficult to develop. 

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