pine tar

Staining Your Wood Furniture with Pine Tar

Pine tar offers a protective barrier between water and wood. Using it to stain your wood furniture will not only make it beautiful, but it can also extend the life of the furniture.  

Before Using Pine Tar 

The maker of the wood furniture might have sealed it. If it is, then you will have to sand it first. It will remove the sealed coating. Not sanding before applying it will affect the beautiful result of staining pine tar. But how would you know that you have a piece of sealed furniture? If it feels smooth when you touch its surface, then it’s sealed. Another indication you have a sealed wood is if it looks shiny. Remember that some wood can appear unsealed even though it’s sealed. That’s because the coat is subtle and has no glossy stain. If you coat the wood with pine tar, but you’re working with a sealed piece, the staining component won’t stick to the wood. 

Pine tar

What If It’s Sealed? 

Sand it first. It will remove the seal. Many wood furniture now is sealed because unsealed wood is prone to warping. It also faces a multitude of issues. Even if you purchase it from a thrift store, the shop might have sealed it before selling it. When sanding your wood furniture, it’s easy to get scared because you might think that the process would cause damage to the wood. As long as you’re using the right equipment, you won’t cause irreversible damage to the wood when you sand it. 

How to Sand the Wood

To sand the wood, you will need the right wood sander. You can pick the most inexpensive one. It will still do the trick. Make sure that you apply light pressure on the wood’s surface. You may also need a sanding sponge for the decorative details of the furniture. After that, you’re ready to stain it with pine tar. The actual staining of the wood is the fun part. When you apply the stain, though, make sure that you’re in a well-ventilated area. The outdoors is an excellent place. It would be best if you prepared the paintbrushes and the pine tar mixture. 

How to Mix Pine Tar? 

If you don’t mix pine tar with another substance, it won’t be easy to apply it to the wood. That’s why we recommend you dilute the pine tar with gum turpentine or linseed oil. The mixture will depend on your desired outcome. Typically, you can mix 50% pine tar and 50% purified linseed oil. Before applying it to the wood, you have to ensure that the wood is completely dry. Otherwise, the mixture won’t go deep into the wood, rendering it useless. 

You can apply a second coat to give the wood better protection. Apply the second coat after a few weeks or after a year. Before you can use the wood furniture again, you need to allow it to dry completely. It can take three days to a week for it to cure fully. Once done, you’re ready to display it in your living room or wherever you wish the furniture to sit. To buy high-quality pine tar, please call us at (818) 308-8430 or fill out our contact form.