pine tar wood treatment

Pine Tar Wood Treatment in Reducing Forest Resource Waste

Any wood is vulnerable to insects and mold. It can damage the wood over time if it is left untreated. By applying pine tar wood treatment, though, the wood will not rot quickly. As a result of that, you can reduce the likelihood of wasting another forest resource. This wood treatment is essentially a preservative that can help in extending the life of the wood. Since it will not disintegrate quickly, you can use it for a lot longer. You do not have to purchase another wood product and waste forest resources. Wood processing can cause environmental pollution, but you can help reduce it by preserving the wood items that you have. 

pine tar wood treatment

Pine Tar Wood Treatment 100% Authentic 

To help the forest industry, you can start applying wood treatment to your wood products using authentic pine tar. Here at Pine Tar World, we sell 100% authentic pine tar that you can use to treat utility and fence poles, as well as boats, and cottages. 

It is an excellent wood preservative. It can easily replace pressure-treated wood. Pine tar will also increase the wood’s durability. However, you must mix it with the right oil to ensure that the pine tar penetrates the wood deeply. 

Applying this type of wood treatment is not a one-time thing. Rather, you must apply it regularly. Each time the wood feels dry, you may apply this wood treatment. You just have to apply a couple of coats of oil to protect it for years. 

What If You are Planning on Painting the Wood? 

Whether you will paint the wood in the future or not, you should apply pine tar first. This is especially true if the wood is in poor condition. When you apply this treatment, make sure that the wood is free of dust and dirt. Otherwise, pine tar cannot penetrate deeply into the wood. 

The best oil that you can mix with pine tar is tung oil. It gives significant protection. The finish will give your product 100% water protection. For long-term preservation, you may apply at least three coats of oil. But, before you apply a second coat, make sure the first coat is completely dry. 

It can take a day or so for the treatment to dry. For that reason, you must only apply this wood treatment during the summer months or on hot days. In that way, the wood can be dried quickly. Although it is perfectly okay to apply paint after applying pine tar, you may want to just use colored pine tar. It will make the wood more attractive. It can transform the color of the wood and it will give it a great appearance. Colored pine tar, for instance, will make the wood fit perfectly into your house’s decor or style. 

Wood can give your house a perfect style. Many love the appearance of any wood in their house. If you are not sure what type of pine tar wood treatment to use, please give our team a call. We have a team of experts who are ready to help you find the best pine tar option depending on your house’s decor or style. Give us a call at (818) 308-8430