pine tar wood treatment

Pine Tar Wood Treatment for Added Durability

Pine tar wood treatment is necessary to ensure that the wood will have a longer lifespan. The treatment guarantees that the wood won’t rot. If the wood is dry, it’s less likely to rot. However, if you use it outdoors, like on your patio, then it’s subjected to moisture. Treating your wood with pine tar is the ideal way to make sure that there’s no mold growing in it. 

pine tar wood treatment

Although woods are naturally durable, they are still prone to decay without proper treatment. It’s especially true if they get wet all the time. Moisture content greatly affects the properties of the woods. As the wood dries out, it becomes stiffer. But it still has space where water can go in. However, you can prevent it from happening by applying wood treatment. 

Pine Tar Wood Treatment for Proper Wood Protection

As mentioned, wood is already durable. However, if there’s too much moisture in it, then it will rot eventually. That’s why it’s vital to apply a wood treatment, like pine tar, to protect the wood. 

This wood treatment creates a surface that prevents moisture from being trapped. It also stops too much UV exposure which can lead to rotting. Plus, it fights against mold and fungi growth. In other words, it will prevent the wood from cracking, drying out, or rotting. 

Another great thing about pine tar is that it repels insects that can destroy the wood. 

If you choose to use pine tar as wood protection, you need to dilute it with oil. One of the most commonly used oils is tung oil. This type of oil is made from tung tree seeds. It has small molecules that allow deep penetration into the wood to give the wood further protection from cracking, drying, and rotting. 

Tung oil is also commonly used oil because it adds beauty to the wood through its deep brown color. Plus, it’s easy to apply. 

Another oil you can use to dilute pine tar is linseed oil. This, too, can provide a sleek finish. When combined, it offers your wood better resistance to water. 

Applying pine tar wood treatment may require up to two weeks to complete the project. But it depends on the area you wish to cover. The wider the area, the longer it will take for it to complete. 

Don’t wait for your wood to rot before you apply the treatment. If you haven’t applied any treatment yet, make sure that you do it as soon as possible. You can easily purchase pine tar through Pine Tar World. 

If you need further guidance on how to apply it to your wood, you may browse our online resources. Our site is full of topics that will answer most of your questions about pine tar, like how to apply it, when’s the best time to treat your wood, etc. Browse our blog to help you learn more about how pine tar can help in preserving your wood. 

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