pine tar wood stain

Pine Tar Wood Stain to Make Your House Look Amazing

A house with a wood feature looks attractive. However, the wood part must be properly maintained to last long and keep its amazing appearance. To achieve it, you need to apply a Pine Tar wood stain. It’s one of the best stains that preserves wood. In Scandinavia, it’s been used in conserving cottages, boats, and roofs for decades. 

pine tar wood stain

Pine Tar Wood Stain by Auson 

Painting your house with this type of wood stain is not the same as applying regular paint. Pine tar is made through dry distillation. The wood stain differs depending on the pine’s species. It can be red, black, brown, or yellow. The stain is made of high quality and it’s eco-friendly since it comes from wood. 

In applying this wood stain to your house to make it look amazing, the pine tar has to be diluted. Gum turpentine is a common substance to be used to dilute the stain. Before you do so, you need to warm the turpentine first before you add it to the stain. 

Make sure the wood is completely dry before application. Otherwise, the stain won’t penetrate deeply into the wood. The amount of stain will depend on the color you wish to achieve. 

The best time to apply this stain is during warm weather. In that way, the wood product will be easier to dry. 

Where to Find Authentic Pine Tar? 

Look no further as Pine Tar World sells different authentic pine tar products. The wood stains are made from resinous pines. With that in mind, you can be sure that the tar has all the natural substances of the wood. If you want the finest wood stain, you need to purchase authentic pine tar to ensure that your wooden roof or floor is perfectly preserved. 

There’s no need to re-apply it every year. However, if the stain has faded after a year, you may re-apply it. If it hasn’t faded yet, you can repaint it every five years.

As mentioned earlier, the color of the stain will vary depending on the species. You may switch to different colors to change the look of your house. You can explore various options to give your house a simple makeover. 

We offer different wood stains here at Pine Tar World. As you browse our online shop, you will find different types of pine tar, linseed oil, and gum turpentine. You can purchase them online and will ship them across the US. As for the shipping cost, it depends on where it will be delivered. 

Hiring a Professional Painter 

It’s easy to apply pine tar to any wood products in your house. That said, it doesn’t require hiring a professional painter to do it for you. However, if you don’t have time to do it or you’re not confident with your painting skills, then you’re free to hire a painter. If you wish to revive the look of your wooden house, feel free to browse our pine tar wood stain products. Give us a call if you need any help in shopping for our collection: (818) 308-8430