Pine Tar Wood Stain

Pine Tar Wood Stain: How It Fights Wood Rot

Wood rot is a common problem among many homeowners. Especially those who have wood furniture, or wooden buildings. We recommend the use of pine tar wood stainSeveral reasons for wood rot incidence arise. One of these reasons is the wood itself. But you can also blame poor building practices.

Pine Tar Wood Stain Benefits 

Most of the wood being used for homes are hybridized trees. But these trees have less dense structure. However, you cannot do anything about it. That’s how the industry gets its wood. To prevent wood rot from happening, though, you must ensure that it is dry. Rotting occurs if there are three ingredients in the process. These would include water, fungi spores, and wood. Fungus and its spores are everywhere. But if you build a wooden house in a desert, you will not have to worry about wood rot. The reason for this is that it does not rain there often. 

In the US, rain is common, though. That said, when purchasing wooden furniture or products, you might want to assume that the wood has been completely dried. But to ensure that the wood will not rot, consider applying wood stain. What it does is that it adds a shield so that no water can touch the wood. However, the application can take a lot of time and effort. But it is also worth it. 

At Pine Tar World, you can find other wood protection products, on top of pine tar. Our wood protection products will guarantee that your wood products will be protected against mold, algae, and other elements that can cause wood rot.

Pine Tar Wood Stain

Can You Use It on Treated Wood

Our pine tar is safe to be used on wooden facades treated with traditional paint. The stain penetrates deeply into the wood. As it adds the natural substances to the wood, it protects it against any microorganisms that can harm the facade. 

The pine tar wood stain that we provide here is of the highest quality. It is suitable for any wood products and constructions. You can apply it on outdoor wood furniture. 

When you paint this stain, you must not assume that it follows the traditional paint application. Before you apply it on wood, make sure that you dilute it with 20% gum turpentine. You must also warm it up to 60 degrees Celsius. When you opt for our pine tar vitriol, though, you can readily use it after stirring. No more adding gum turpentine or warming it up. 

The timber must be dry. It has to be completely dried before you start to paint. Otherwise, moisture will remain in the wood rendering the stain useless. The remaining moisture will still cause wood rot. For that reason, make sure that the timber is dry to allow the stain to penetrate into the wood properly. 

That’s why it is a good practice to paint pine tar wood stain during hot weather or in summer. Do not paint it in spring. You can also paint it directly on untreated wood that has no primer. It still works well. If you have further questions about pine tar wood stain, get in touch with us at (818) 308-8430.