pine tar spray

Pine Tar Spray is More Than Just Adding Protection to the Wood

There are various forms of pine tar. And one of them is pine tar spray. It’s easy to apply as you just have to spray it onto the wood. The main use of pine tar is to add protection to the wood. It’s safe to use because it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals. The ingredients are all-natural as they come from the forest. And it’s one of the reasons it has remained a popular wood preservative for thousands of years. 

What Other Uses of Pine Tar Spray

Pine tar, per se, has been utilized in medicine for over 2,000 years. It is applied to the skin for its antiseptic and soothing properties. But the pine tar that we sell here at Pine Tar World can’t be applied to your skin. You will have to purchase a different type of pine tar for such a purpose. 

If you wish to use pine tar as an anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial that is safe for the skin, then you can purchase it as a topical product. The product, however, contains less than 3% pine tar. It is mixed with other ingredients to make it safer to be applied to the skin. 

pine tar spray

Adding Beauty to the Wood 

This wood preservative is known to prevent moisture from going into the wood causing warping. But it’s not the only purpose. Many homeowners are opting for this product because pine tar can add beauty to wood products. 

Overall, it brings out the beauty of the wood. However, it offers a different appearance. The appearance varies depending on the pine tar’s species and how pine tar was created. For instance, if you choose the stain-like finish, then the finished product will be lighter or darker. 

Because of how it enhances the appearance of a wood product, many people are applying it to their patio, wood table and chair, and other wood products. It’s also easy to apply, which is another reason homeowners are choosing it over other wood preservatives. 

As a Sealing Agent 

Regardless of where you apply it, pine tar will make your wood product resilient to water. It has a sealing agent and a color dye. But you need to allow the wood to dry first before application. This product is an effective way to make your wooden furniture waterproof. But you must re-apply it. The re-application can be done once a year. It depends on the appearance of the wood. If you think that the stain is fading, you should re-apply. 

How to Order Pine Tar?

It’s easy to order pine tar, anywhere you are in the US. Go to our online shop page and you will find a variety of pine tar products. You can also choose the kind of stain that you want. If you wish to know more about pine tar spray and how to use it, please contact our support team. We can tell you the best ways to apply it to your wooden products. Call us today at (818) 308-8430