Pine Tar for Sale

Pine Tar for Sale: Can You Paint Over the Wood Protection?

The pine tar for sale at Pine Tar World can offer you reasonable prices for products that aim to protect wood furniture and the like. But is painting with pine tar necessary or is it worth it? Can you apply paint over it? But first, let’s talk about the benefits of pine tar. 

What is Pine Tar for Sale

It’s not modern paint but it offers better benefits than regular paint. This product offers excellent wood protection. When you choose our pine tars, you are opting to use natural substances to combat attacks from mold, algae, and mold fungus. This product provides a barrier so moisture won’t penetrate the wood. 

As a result, it makes it harder for foreign elements, like algae and mildew, to develop. The protection that it provides, prevents the wood product from cracking or drying out. After treating the wood with pine tar, the wood surface will look different. It just adds beauty to the surface.  

In that case, many people would not bother painting over the newly pine-tar-treated wood surface. However, it’s still your preference. If you wish to apply paint over it, then you can do so. It’s safe to do it. The protective features of pine tar won’t be affected. But you must not apply pine tar over a paint. You need to remove the paint first before applying for this wood protection. 

Stopping the Wood from Warping 

The pine tar is already enough to stop the wood from warping. You don’t need to apply a primer over it. Warping is one of the disadvantages of opting for wood furniture. Applying pine tar can be effective in protecting the wood from warping. You may choose another product for protection. However, unlike pine tar, other products can give off fumes, which are harmful to the lungs. 

The pine tars available at Pine Tar World are natural wood protection that polish and seal the wood. For hundreds of years, pine tar has been used in Scandinavia. It has been effectively used for wood protection as it enables the wood to breathe better. Applying it is easy. And it’s another reason many homeowners prefer it over other wood protection products. 

Pine Tar for Sale

Diluting the Pine Tar

Pure pine tar is sticky, making it harder to apply it to the wood surface. For that reason, you must dilute it with gum turpentine. The gum turpentine can make the pine tar less sticky and it can offer a matte finish that you will surely appreciate. It also ensures swift penetration. 

Before you apply the mixture of gum turpentine and pine tar to the wood surface, you have to warm it first. An alternative to gum turpentine is linseed oil. You should use 50% linseed oil and 50% pine tar. The best time to apply this wood protection product is during hot weather to ensure that the wood surface easily dries. 

Buy Pure Pine Tar 

Pure pine tar for sale is hard to come by. But if you purchase it from us, you can be sure that what you are getting is authentic wood protection. Call us for more inquiries: (818) 308-8430