pine tar

Learn How to Paint with Pine Tar

Learning how to paint with Pine tar is quite a different experience when you use a modern or regular paint product. The reason for this is that pine tar contains substances found naturally in the woods. It is produced through the dry distillation of wood. The liner has a different color and odor, which will depend on the species of pine being used in the preparation. When painting with pine tar, you must consider the following tips:

You must only utilize a wide brush. The reason for this is that the tar could get sucked into the timber. A wider brush, around 70 to 100 mm can prevent uneven surfaces.

It is also important to stir the paint can, now and again, to mix the pigment well. Two coats are highly recommended to protect the wood from water. The second coat can be done a year after putting the first coat as the protection of the latter is still effective.

But before you paint the pine tar on wood, the pine tar has to be diluted first with 20% gum turpentine. You should also warm it up to 60 degrees Celsius. Then, the timber has to be dried before painting starts. In that way, the pine tar will penetrate the wood properly. Otherwise, the tar will only stay on the surface.

pine tar

When is the Best Time to Paint?

Although you can paint any time of the year, consider doing it during hot weather. In that way, you can be sure that the wood is totally dried up so that the tar can easily penetrate the wood.

One of the questions we get from several of our clients is if it is okay to paint the tar directly on untreated timber. That is, sans the primer or tarred. The answer is yes. It will not affect the results.

Since tar is a natural product that varies in colors depending on how it is produced, you need to mix the amount you need for the wood, especially if you need to use several cans. Doing it this way will prevent color differences.

Once the painting is done, you need to dry it up at normal outdoor temperature for around 24 hours.

Now for the odor, you can still smell it even after a month of painting it. However, the odor decreases significantly after a few days or weeks. And you need to apply pine tar again after five to ten years. But the frequency depends on where you live and the quality of the timber.

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