Red Pine Tar

Red Pine Tar

Classic wood tar dull red color


Red Pine Tar is a classic pigmented pine tar based on genuine tar, gum turpentine and linseed oil which gives the surface a traditional Falu Red color, similar red earth paint. The similar Falu Red color emerges gradually as tar natural brown color toned down. Red Pine Tar gives a rejected water surface and protection against UV-­radiation. Contains 100% active ingredients.

Pine Tar is nature´s own wood protection and consists among others various kinds of resins and terpenes. Resins are the tree´s natural way of protecting themselves against micro-­organisms and heal injuries. Terpenes are a solvent and it accelerates the drying process. Pine Tar is produced of resin-­rich pine trees in furnace.

Red Pine Tar obtained the best results in Folksams color test in 2012 where mold and algae growth, cracking and flaking were examined.


60510401 / 0,9-­lit can
60510473 / 2,7-­lit can
60510556 / 9-­lit can

Instructions for use

For best result apply Red Pine Tar in warm weather, at least 10 degrees Celsius. The product becomes then easier to work with and it penetrates right into the timber. Red Pine Tar should be mixed with at least 20% gum turpentine. For easier penetration of planned wood such as timber facades, Red Pine Tar should be further diluted with 10-­15% gum turpentine.

As pigment settles during storage, it is important to thoroughly stir the can before painting. Stir although occasionally during painting. Be aware of that Red Pine Tar is a product of nature where the appearance may vary from different batches. If you have several cans of various productions (see white label on the cover), you should mix these together to avoid color differences.

Red Pine Tar shall not be withdrawn on wood previously treated with other solid colors

Painting: Brush to remove dust, dirt and loose paint. Wash off algae and mold growth. The surface must be dry before painting. Paint directly without primer. Use a brush. You can also spray, dilute then by 10-­20% gum turpentine, depending on the used spray equipment. Recoat after about 1-­2 days. Paint 2 times for optimal protection and the best color. Ensure good ventilation. Painting outdoors. Material Safety Data Sheet will be found at and painting instructions at www.tjä

Technical data

Color: Red (dull)
Density: 1,10 ± 0,03 kg/lit
Weight solids: 80%
Coverage: 5-­8 m2/lit depending on surface
Drying time: From several days to several weeks, depending on weather, planed or unplanned
lumber, wood, thickness and how well the tar has seeped into the ground.
Dilution: Gum turpentine, NB! No white spirit
Cleaning: Gum turpentine, alcohol or soap/water
Storage: 24 months (unopened can)
For further information we recommend the safety data sheet or instruction on package.