Linseed oil, raw Wood protection

Linseed oil, raw

Wood protection


Raw linseed oil is a low viscosity liquid with an oily consistency and golden brown color. Raw linseed oil is primarily a glyceride with a high fatty acid value. The oil is obtained from flax seeds through pressing. The product has not undergone additional treatment.

Range of application

Raw linseed oil is used as surface protection for wood, manufacturing of paint and for blending with pine tar.


67000201 / 1-lit can (12 pieces per pack.)
67000265 / 5-lit can (3 pieces per pack.)
67000269 / 25-lit can

Technical data

Color: Yellow brown
Density: 930 kg/ m³
Drying time: Max 24 h
N.B! Used rags may self-kindle and should therefore obviate. Drown the rags in water and place them in a plastic bag. Tie the bag and throw it in the trash can.
For further information we recommend the safety data sheet or instruction on package.
Issue: 2015-04-20