Kiln Burned Pine Tar 773

Kiln Burned Pine Tar 773

Genuine peasant made tar


Kiln burned Pine Tar, also known as peasant made tar, is produced by the old fashioned method of burning pine tree stumps in kilns. Kiln burned Pine Tar is dark golden in colour, has a high resin content, low content of pitch and high purity. The high resin content may cause precipitation of crystals which will dissolve when heated to 45-50°C. The resin may also cause minor sediments. As the tar is manually produced, the viscosity will vary somewhat from batch to batch.

Range of application

Kiln burned Pine Tar is a high performance tar for wood preservation and for veterinary, but especially pharmaceutical purposes. Pine Tar can be found as an ingredient in shampoos, soaps, expectorants and in ointments against allergic rash, psoriasis and eczema, among others. NB! Do not apply directly on skin.

Instructions for use

It is recommended to apply Kiln Burned Pine Tar during summertime as the material will be easier to work with in warm temperatures. The heat make the Pine Tar successfully penetrate the wood. It is possible to blend the Pine Tar with Gum Turpentine to make the product volatile and more easy to work with.Be aware of that Kiln Burned Pine Tar is a product of nature where the appearance may vary from different batches. A good idea is to mix several cans before usage until the wanted quantity is acquired.

The surface needs no preparation before applying the Pine Tar. When re-painting a second layer, the surface should be dry and carefully cleaned before application.

OBS! It is important to stir before application as the pigment may sink to the bottom of the can. It is also recommended to stir during usage.

As any other Pine Tar Imprex will fade by the sunlight, it should be applied with a brush in thin layers.
NB! During rainy weather white spots may occur. They will disappear when the surrounding air is dry enough. Add linseed oil to avoid this.


60200401 / 1-lit burk (12 st per förp.)

60200473 / 3-lit burk

60200556 / 10-lit burk

60201790 / 200-lit fat

Technical data

Color: Golden/brown
Density: 1050±20 kg/ m³
Water content: Max 0,03 %
Smell: Aromatic Pine Tar
Ash: Max 0,5 %
pH value: 3-4 pH
Material consumption: 2-4 m2/lit depending on the surface
Drying time: Does not dry completely but penetrates the surface whereupon the surface gets dry
Dilution: Gum turpentine, NB! No white spirit
Storage: 24 months (unopened can)
For further information we recommend the safety data sheet or instruction on package.
Issue: 2015-04-20