Imprex Extra light pine tar


Extra light pine tar


Imprex is a special, light-coloured pine tar, extracted from pine wood. It is practically free from acetic acid, phenols, contamin-ants and mineral products. Imprex conserves the wood by making the surface water resistance.

Range of application

The main area for usage is for wood, oakum and rope preservation. It is also intended for treatment of strand by natural fibres.

Instructions for use

For wood preservation, Imprex should not be used unmixed, a recommendable mixture is one third each of Imprex, boiled linseed oil, and turpentine. This compound gives a particularly light shade of tar to the wood. Make sure that the wood is absolutely dry before you tar it. Imprex can also be used with transparent colour pastes for making wood stain.

As any other Pine Tar Imprex will fade by the sunlight, it should be applied with a brush in thin layers.
NB! During rainy weather white spots may occur. They will disappear when the surrounding air is dry enough. Add linseed oil to avoid this.


61100411 / 1-lit can (12 pieces per pack.)

61100473 / 3-lit can

61100556 / 10-lit can

61110743 / 200-lit barrel

Technical data

Density at 20 C: 1000 kg/m3
Viscosity at 50 C: 90-100cP or 170 cP
Coverage: 2-4 m2/ lit depending on surface
Drying time: Does not dry completely but penetrates the surface whereupon the surface gets dry
Solubility in benzene: 99 %
Thinning: Gum turpentine or white spirit
For further information we recommend the safety data sheet or instruction on package.
Issue: 2015-04-20