Genuine Pine Tar 850

Genuine Pine Tar 850

Pure natural wood preservative


Genuine Pine Tar is produced from resinous pine wood. It contains all ingredients of rosin and fatty acids and their conversion products such as rosin oil, oxidized acids, esters, high-boiling terpenes and fatty alcohols, etc, which characterizes a pine tar of high quality.
Range of application
Genuine Pine Tar is used for wood preservation of cottages, splint roofs, boats, etc. Pine Tar but can also be used on animal hooves.

Instructions for use

We recommend to heat up the Pine Tar to 50 – 60°C or to blend the Pine Tar with Gum Turpentine. This will make the Pine Tar more volatile and easier to work with. The heat or the Gum Turpentine will also help the Pine Tar to successfully penetrate the wood. Apply a thin layer to avoid the film from cracking.
An old recipe is equal parts Genuine Pine Tar, gum turpentine and linseed oil, raw or boiled. NB! Do not apply on skin.
60100441 / 1-lit can (12 pieces per pack.)
60100473 / 3-lit can
60100556 / 10-lit can
60100743 / 200-lit barrel

Technical data

Color: Dark brown
Density at 20 C: 1000 ± 30 kg/m3
Coverage: 2-4 m2/lit depending on surface
Drying time: Does not dry but penetrates the surface whereupon the surface gets dry
Removal with: Gum Turpentine NB! No white spirit
Thinning: Turpentine or alcohol
For further information we recommend the safety data sheet or instruction on package
Issue: 2015-01-28