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Is It Safe to Use Gum Turpentine? How Toxic Is It?

Gum turpentine is completely safe, as long as you don’t ingest it. It has become controversial, though, because some people are using it to treat stomach or intestinal issues. However, ingesting gum turpentine can cause serious effects. It’s highly toxic to kidneys. Thus, you must avoid swallowing it. 

Gum turpentine as a Thinner 

If you use it as a thinner, then it is definitely safe. This product is derived from the pine’s sap. It’s a yellowish fluid that contains oil and resin. To extract turpentine oil, the resin is distilled. Although the oil has many uses, the most common benefit is that it acts as a solvent in varnishes. 

That’s why it’s also mixed with pine tar. Gum turpentine is an effective solvent for oil paints because it can effectively thin the pain. The thick consistency of paints makes it difficult to apply to the surface area. But when you add gum turpentine, the paint dries faster because of its high evaporation rate. 

Clean the Brushes with Gum Turpentine

This solvent is also used as a cleaning agent. Because of its ingredients, this product can dissolve fresh paint. Hence, if you have brushes with hardened paint, you can dip the brushes into a container filled with gum turpentine. But to effectively clean the brushes, make sure to remove most of the paint first. Then, start dipping them into turpentine. 

Another reason to like gum turpentine is that it can remove stains. Because of its effective cleaning agents, you can use it to remove hard stains from your kitchen sink. To make it an effective stain remover, make sure to add table salt before applying it. You don’t need a large amount of the mixture to make it effective. A few drops will do to achieve desired results. 

You may need to scrub the treated area with a brush to ensure that the stains are completely removed. After that, you can start rinsing it off. On the other hand, if you are not satisfied with the results, you can always re-apply the mixture. Use gum turpentine as a cleaning agent in removing yellowish areas in your bathtubs or toilets. 

Now, let’s talk about its toxicity. This solvent is petroleum-based. Thus, it’s non-toxic. But you must not swallow it. Don’t follow the wellness trend of using this product to clean your intestines. There’s no scientific evidence that it works. Gum turpentine is safe. It’s actually an eco-friendly alternative when you use it as directed. That is, don’t apply it to your skin or ingest it. 

is it safe to use gum turpentine how toxic is it

Buying Genuine Gum Turpentine

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