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Is Gum Turpentine the Same as Turpentine Oil?

Many people are confused between gum turpentine and turpentine oil. In this post, you’ll know the difference between these two options and find out which one can be applied on the wood surface.  

Gum Turpentine The Safe Turpentine 

Gum turpentine is the resin of pine trees. While turpentine oil is made from gum turpentine. Turpentine oil is safe. It can be safely applied to the skin or you can inhale it. But gum turpentine can’t be applied to the skin as it can irritate. Gum turpentine is commonly used as a solvent. You can see it in various oil paints. Generally, oil paints have a thick consistency. That’s why they are difficult to apply on the surface. For that reason, you need to dilute them first. And one way to thin them is to use gum turpentine. This product has a high evaporation rate making it an effective solvent in oil paints. After mixing it with paint, it dries faster. But that’s not all gum turpentine can do. 

Need to Clean Your Brushes? 

Paintbrushes are difficult to clean. But gum turpentine can solve your issue. It is a common cleaning agent that does its job well. It dissolves fresh paint effectively. If you are cleaning paint brushes with hardened paint, it removes the hardened paint more effectively than other solutions. Another way to use gum turpentine is to remove stains. Does your sink have stains? Gum turpentine is the best product you can use to remove those stubborn stains. But make sure to mix it with table salt to give you desired results. Allow the mixture to stay for 20 to 30 minutes before you scrub the area and rinse it off. If the first application didn’t work, you can re-apply the mixture until you see desired results. You can use this product to remove yellowish or brownish areas of your toilets, bathtubs, or fixtures. 

gum turpentine

Is it Toxic? 

One of the many complaints of homeowners who are preserving their wood products is the toxicity of the solutions they are using. Thankfully, gum turpentine is non-toxic. This is a petroleum-based solvent that makes it safe to use if you have allergic reactions. 

In that case, you can safely use it when you are painting parts of your house. You won’t worry about its toxicity because it’s not at all deadly. It’s made of natural ingredients, unlike other paint solvents. Gum turpentine is also a common solvent that you can use to mix with pine tar, which is a wood preservative. When you are working with pine tar, you need to dilute it first because it’s sticky, making it difficult to apply on wood surfaces. But you can use gum turpentine on its own. You can apply it as a furniture polish that maintains the furniture’s beauty. It makes it last longer. 

Where to Buy Authentic Gum Turpentine? 

There are only a few online shops available around the world that sell authentic gum turpentine. One of them is Pine Tar World. To know more about it, please contact us at: (818) 308-8430