colored pine tar

How Wooden Furniture Can Fight Fungi Attack?

Solid hardwood furniture is good as it’s a greener option. Wood is a sustainable material because it’s renewable. Unfortunately, it’s prone to decay. Thankfully, there’s a way to fight that — colored pine tar. Yes, that’s right. Any genuine pine tar product can prevent the wood from rotting. Let’s explain how.

colored pine tar

What’s in the Colored Pine Tar That Makes It Effective in Protecting Wood?

As long as you buy genuine pine tar, you can be sure that it comes from resinous pine wood. Resinous means that the wood is softer but it still has high quality. The genuine pine tar that you buy from Pine Tar World comes from this type of wood. Pine tar, per se, is derived from a tree’s organic defenses.

Any type of tree uses pine tar to protect itself from damage. That’s why we extract pine tar from a tree to make effective wood preservation. There are many online stores out there that sell pine tar. But what separates pine tar from Pine Tar World is that it’s genuine. It means that it has every ingredient that can effectively fight fungi, molds, and algae attacks.

But what does it contain? Its main ingredients are rosin, esters, oxidized acids, fatty acids, and terpenes. These ingredients are effective in protecting any type of wood.

How to Use Pine Tar?

It’s easy to apply pine tar to a wood surface. However, you need to perform it at the right time. There are different types of pine tars and each one has the best time application. It means that you can’t just put it on your wood surface at any time of the year. Although you can do that, the best way to fully protect the wood is to apply it during warm weather. And when you apply it to the wood surface, you need to heat it first to 60°C. It makes the product more volatile or easier to control.

In some cases, you don’t need to heat it before use. But you have to blend it with gum turpentine, which makes the pine tar easier to work with. Once heated or mixed with turpentine, you can use the mixture and brush it on a wood surface with less effort. Furthermore, it makes the ingredients penetrate better and deeper into the wood.

Keep in mind that if this wood protection doesn’t penetrate the wood, it will fail to protect it. In that case, you need the pine tar to penetrate deeply into the wood. When you apply it to the wood, make sure that you use the necessary protective gear, like gloves.

Although there are soaps that contain pine tar, the colored pine tar that we sell here isn’t for skin application. It’s also important that when you apply it on the wood surface, you have to put a thin layer to ensure that the film won’t crack.

How to Buy Genuine Pine Tar?

You may visit our online shop to buy colored pine tar. Or you may call us first if you have further questions about our pine tar products. (818) 308-8430.