Tung Oil

How Tung Oil Can Help in Using Untreated Wood Outside

Tung oil can be used to treat your wood outside. By treating it with this oil, the wood will be protected against debris, sun, wind, and moisture. Treated wood can last for decades, as long as you re-apply wood protection at least once a year. 

Is the wood treated with tung oil resistant to health issues? 

It protects your wood from decay and moisture. However, it may still not be immune to health issues or rot. It is especially true if you have not applied the treatment well. 

To further protect your wood, you must keep it dry. The fungus causes decay and rot. They need moisture to thrive. When you deprive them of the moisture, your wood will not be affected by these microorganisms. 

Apart from moisture, the fungus also needs oxygen to survive. Then, the temperature of the environment must be between 32 and 90 degrees. If you control the temperature in a way that is inhospitable to fungi, then the wood will not rot or decay. 

Unfortunately, it is not always easy to control the temperature outside. Hence, it is vital to just bring the wood furniture in if you are not using it. During spring and fall, consider bringing your wood furniture inside your house after use. 

Some woods can last for more than 50 years while others can live less than that. But if you treat them with pine tar and tung oil, the furniture may last for several years or decades more. 

Apply for Protection

You need to re-apply pine tar and tung oil onto your wood furniture once a year. By re-applying the treatment once a year, your wood furniture will be better protected. 

Tung Oil

Why Opt for Tung Oil

This oil has been used in China for centuries. It has been extracted from the Tung tree. Its main goal is to protect the wood from various elements. Tung oil has components that can penetrate deeply into the wood. In that way, it gives better protection than other products. 

Tung oil is also ideal for preventing moisture from getting inside the wood. As a result, the wood will not experience splitting and cracking, which are common in any wood furniture. 

Although tung oil application is typically used on outdoor furniture, you can apply it on hardwood surfaces indoors. Generally, you can treat your patios, decks, and windows with this oil to offer them extra protection from moisture. 

And if you have garden furniture, this oil can prevent the effects of sun and moisture from rain. As a result, your furniture will look its best all the time. For hundreds of years, the Chinese used this oil on their doors, inside and out. Not only that but you can also apply it on your wooden boat to have extra protection. 

With all these benefits of tung oil, you should consider having one in your house. Order this oil at Pine Tar World today. If you have questions regarding our products, please do not hesitate to call us at (818) 308-8430. We can give you some answers about how to maximize tung oil for your needs.