Finish Pine Wood

How to Finish Pine Wood for Outdoor Use?

Pinewood has stunning natural beauty. But such beauty demands sufficient protection. If you’re planning to use it outside, make sure that it has enough protection to prevent diminishing its beauty. But how to finish pine wood so you can safely use it outdoor?

Ways to Finish Pine Wood for Outside Use

There are many ways to waterproof and protect pinewood for the years to come. However, here are the surefire methods to guarantee the wood’s protection.

Finish Pine Wood

Clean the Wood Surface

It’s not a good idea to apply a waterproof product without first cleaning and drying the surface. The product won’t adhere deep into the wood if the surface is dirty. Furthermore, it can be difficult to apply. Thus, before you apply a sealant or a waterproofing solution, make sure that you sand the surface first to get the best results.

Use Pine Tar

But you must only use the guanine product that comes from resinous pinewood. It contains rosin and fatty acids that guarantee the wood is protected and preserved. This product is also useful in preserving the wood’s integrity against rot because of its mildly antiseptic properties.

Apply Two Coats

Although one coat is enough to protect the wood, it can be advantageous for the wood to apply two coats. But when you do apply pine tar onto the surface, make sure that you use soft bristles for even application.

Allow It to Dry

It can take two to three days for pine tar to dry. For that reason, it’s ideal that you apply this during summer for quick drying.

Why Choose Pine Tar as Pine Wood Finish?

It’s one of the most effective ways to protect furniture, trim work, cabinets, and other wooden products. This product penetrates the wood to bring out its beauty. It provides a barrier against foreign elements that can ruin the wood. Because of its effectiveness, it has been around for thousands of years. It prevents any wood from decay problems.

What Color of Pine Tar to Choose?

Black color is a common option. It gives the surface that rich, appealing color. It’s not just deep but it’s also inviting. To achieve such color, you need to mix pine tar with linseed oil and gum turpentine. Mix them well to obtain black color.

This color is perfect when applying it to your fence posts or patio. It can surely draw attention. However, you can choose to use it on any wood surface. It doesn’t have to be on the fence posts or patio. Then again, when you choose this finish for your wood, you need to choose the right timing. As mentioned, you must apply it in warmer weather for quick drying. The warmer temperature can make a huge difference to the result you’re hoping for.

Protect Your Pine Wood Now

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