pine tar spray

How Pine Tar Spray Protects Wood Surface?

Pine tar spray is used in Nordic countries to protect wooden structures. Even the Vikings trust this wood treatment to protect their ships against rot. Many medieval buildings remain standing today because they were treated with pine tar. But you may ask how this wood preservative is useful in protecting wood structures or surfaces? 

Pine Tar Spray as a Wood Preservative 

This 100% natural wood preservative provides excellent moisture protection. It can also effectively protect the wood against moisture. It has mild antiseptic properties and repels wood bees, termites, ants, and other insects. When you spray this product on your wood surface, it makes it breathable. Although the surface becomes breathable, it won’t trap moisture that will cause the wood to rot. 

How to Maintain Wood Treated with Pine Tar? 

One of the many things you will like about this product is that the coating won’t peel off easily. It also won’t bubble, as long as you apply it correctly. When you spray it onto the wood, make sure that the surface is clean. You may use a cleaner that’s intended for wood products. After cleaning, make sure that the surface is dry. It’s one reason you must apply it during summer. Never spray this product to any wooden structure in winter. 

Should you re-apply it after a few months?

It depends on the appearance of the surface. In some cases, you may have to re-apply it after a year. It’s especially true if the wood is installed outside the house where it’s constantly exposed to the sun. However, if you apply it to indoor furniture, you may only need to reapply after many years. Then again, it depends on your preference. If you no longer like the appearance of the coated surface, you have the option to re-apply this product. 

If you choose to use this product, understand that it’s only appropriate for wood surfaces. It means that you can’t apply it on a petrochemical coated surface. Note that if there’s a barrier between the pine tar and the wood, this wood preservative won’t do its job well. That’s because it’ll just sit on the wooden surface. It also remains sticky, making it difficult to work on. Since it needs to be mixed with oil, you must not use conventional boiled linseed oil. Instead, opt for purified oil so the coated surface will dry well. It also won’t go rancid if you choose purified oil. 

pine tar spray

Where to Buy Pine Tar Spray? 

You can buy it anywhere online. However, if you wish to purchase authentic pine tar, then opt to buy it at Pine Tar World. We have a wide array of wood protection products that offer excellent wood protection. When you treat the wood with a pine tar product, you’re choosing to use natural substances that combat algae, mold, and mold fungus. The authentic pine tar spray that you can find here provides an impregnation to the structure to stop moisture from penetration in the wood. To explore our products, please visit our online shop