Gum turpentine

Gum Turpentine as the Best Diluting Agent

Gum turpentine is obtained from living pine trees. It has more solvency. Because of its high solvent strength, it makes it an ideal choice for thinning oils. 

 Gum turpentine

No Impurities Gum Turpentine

When you opt to buy it from Pine Tar World, you can be sure that you get pure turpentine. It doesn’t contain any impurities that you typically find in industrial-grade turpentine. Although gum turpentine is commonly used in staining the wood surface, you may use it as a diluent for oil colors, varnishes, and mediums. 

When you choose to use it for oil colors, this product improves the flow as it dissolves the oil colors quickly. You may add it directly to the oil colors or varnish it for thinning purposes. Turpentine and mineral spirits are commonly used as brush cleaners. However, you may opt for turpentine to remove hard paint. 

Varnish Applications 

Gum turpentine is ideal for artists’ painting or varnish applications. Although wood turpentine is useful as a solvent for oil paint, gum turpentine is more ideal for natural varnishes. This product is steam-distilled. However, you may find products that come with a double-distilled label. But it has no real meaning. Some people think that turpentine that has aged for several months can increase durability. It’s also superior to other thinners. However, its efficacy is still vague or unknown. 

How to Store It? 

When you expose it to air, it can darken as it develops hydroperoxides and acids. The darkening can also happen if it’s stored in plastic containers because plastics are permeable to oxygen. To prevent it from happening, you must store it in a dark place. Make sure that it is not exposed to light, which can be detrimental to the turpentine properties. 

What Other Uses of Gum Turpentine? 

Besides being the best thinning agent, gum turpentine is also useful as a cleaning agent. As mentioned, you can use it to clean your paintbrushes. It can easily dissolve fresh paint or hardened paint from brushes. But before you use it, make sure that you remove most of the paint. Swirl the brushes a few times to get a thorough cleaning. Use this product to wash the brushes before storing them. 

You can also use this product to remove any stain from a surface. If there are stains in your sink, for instance, you can use this product to remove them. As a cleaning agent, you may mix it with table salt. Then, add a small amount of the mixture to the sink or the area you wish to treat. Let it stay for 20 minutes before scrubbing the area using a brush. Rinse it off. And voila, the stain is gone. Re-apply it to the area if you didn’t get the results that you want. Continue re-applying until you have the desired results. 

Buy this Non-Toxic Product

Our gum turpentine is an eco-friendly solvent that ensures a safer work environment. To know more about our gum turpentine, please call us at (818) 308-8430. You may also start browsing our products by visiting our online shop here