gum turpentine

Gum Turpentine and Its Many Uses 

Gum turpentine is taken from the sap of pine. It is a yellowish fluid that consists of oil and resin. The rosin is distilled using steam to obtain turpentine oil. It has many uses. However, the most common benefit of it is to be used as a solvent in varnishes and paints. 

Thinning Paint Using Gum Turpentine 

This oil is typically used as a solvent for many oil paints. Most paints have a thick consistency. You cannot apply them to the surface without first thinning them. This is where this oil is most useful.  It thins the paint before you apply it onto the surface area. Because of its high evaporation rate, it becomes an effective solvent that you can use in oil paints.  Upon mixing it with the paint, you will notice that the paint dries faster. That’s why paint becomes easier to use. The use of this oil, it makes the paint more effective. 

Can Act as a Cleaning Agent 

If you are looking for ways to clean your paintbrushes, then look no further as gum turpentine is useful as a cleaning agent.  It does the job for you as it dissolves fresh paint. It can also remove hardened paint from the paintbrushes.  However, you must clean the brushes using paper towels or rags. Remove most of the paint before you dip them into turpentine.  For thorough cleaning, make sure to swirl the brushes a few times. Before you store the brushes, make sure to wash them with water and soap.  gum turpentine

Removing Stain 

This product is also useful in removing stains. For instance, you may use it to remove stains from the sink that have developed with usage. You should mix it with table salt to guarantee that it can help as a cleaning agent.  Simply apply a small amount of mixture onto the affected areas. Let the mixture stay there for 20 minutes. Scrub the area with a brush for improved efficacy before rinsing it off.  If the area is not cleaned yet, you may re-apply the mixture until you achieve the desired results. This product removes any yellowish areas in your toilets, fixtures, and bathtubs. 


One of the best things about this product is that it is non-toxic. It is a petroleum-based solvent that makes it safer for use by those who suffer from allergic reactions. If you have a painting job at home, you should not bother using those toxic solvents.  Instead, opt for an eco-friendly solvent, like turpentine, to ensure that you have a safer work environment.  Another great thing about this product is that it can be used as furniture polish. It is an effective polish that can help in maintaining the furniture and make it last longer. It improves its appearance because of the luster that it can offer. Additionally, it adds longevity and polishes the furniture perfectly.  If you wish to know more about gum turpentine or to purchase it, please contact our customer support at (818) 308-8430.