fine swedish pine tar

Fine Swedish Pine Tar for Finishing Exterior Wood

Fine Swedish pine tar is a high-quality wood tar oil that you can use for finishing exterior wood. It makes the wood more durable against UV rays. When applying it, make sure to remove all dust and dirt from the wood using a brush. For best results, apply the pine tar that is heated to 50 degrees Celsius. You may also dilute it with 20% gum turpentine.

It provides better penetrations while it reduces the drying time. Since this sticky material is a product of nature, it is ideal that you mix various cans before achieving the desired quantity. When applying it, make sure that you do it during summertime. The reason for this is that this material is easier to work with when it is hot or warm. That is, it can easily and quickly penetrate the wood. Some people would opt to use fine Swedish pine tar not just as a preservative but also in finishing exterior wood. But is it necessary to apply wood preservation?


Applying wood preservation products to new wood will prolong the life of the wood product. It is way easier performing the treatment before rather than treating it after it is diagnosed with decay issues. Wet rot and dry rot are just two of the issues of any wood product. By using pine tar, These issues can be prevented.

Remember that timbers are prone to decay. It is more reliable if you preserve it before installation. You may apply paint to protect the wood surface from harsh weather. However, it does not preserve the wood against fungus attacks.

fine swedish pine tar

What Comes After Pre-Treatment?

Fine Swedish pine tar can do a great job in finishing an exterior wood. However, if you wish to further preserve your wood product, you would want to consider undercoating or priming.

After applying the wood preservative, the undercoat primer should be next. It offers good adhesion when applying the topcoat. It also reduces moisture absorption.

Where to Buy Swedish Pine Tar?

This type of wood preservative is a popular choice because it can effectively protect molds, fungi, and algae. The natural substances in this product can repel those microorganisms. The pine tar that we offer is of high quality. It does its job of preventing the wood from drying and cracking. It is especially useful if your house is exposed to humid spaces.

Pine Tar World is a perfect place for you to purchase this type of wood preservative. We offer a variety of colors so you can find a product that fits your taste and style. Our online shop also offers linseed oil and gum turpentine.

To extend the life of the wood product, you should re-treat your wood surface. You may apply this preservative yourself or you can hire a carpenter who knows how to properly handle pine tar and apply it correctly. Swedish pine tar can be a perfect product to finish an exterior wood. However, if you wish to know how to order it from us, contact us at (818) 308-8430.