a Swedish pine tar

Does Swedish Pine Tar Make Wood Waterproof?

Waterproofing wood is necessary if you have wood products in your patios, decks, and other areas in the house exposed to damp conditions. Since wood is porous, it can easily absorb water. Applying Swedish pine tar makes the wood resistant to water. Some woods can last longer in wet environments even without waterproofing. However, frequently exposing them to this environment will only shorten their lifespan. Thus, the best thing to do is to apply waterproof products. 

How does a Swedish Pine Tar Make Your Wood Resilient to Water?

Pine tar is a wood stain that makes wood waterproof. It has a sealing agent with a color dye. When the wood is dried, it resists water for a long period. Although pine tar can last for a long time, you need to re-apply it after a year or so. This type of waterproofing method is the most common way to protect any wood products in your house. It is also readily available. 

a Swedish pine tar

What Other Options You Can Have?

You may also use linseed or tung oil. This method creates a protective finish. Or you may opt for polyurethane. It also seals the wood. When you apply pine tar, though, you will need to dilute it with linseed or tung oil. In this way, it will be easier to apply. Pine tar is easy to find nowadays. You can purchase it anywhere online. However, if you want genuine pine tar, though, you must only buy it at Pine Tar World. 

Here at Pine Tar World, you can find not just pine tar but also other products that can protect your wood. When you choose to apply pine tar, you are putting the substances used by the wood to prevent attacks from molds and fungi, and algae. 

This stain provides an impregnation to the structure to prevent any moisture from entering the wood. In that case, it makes it difficult for mildew and algae to develop. It does not only waterproof the wood but also prevents drying out and cracking. Furthermore, pine tar emits a lovely scent. However, the scent will fade with time. But if you reapply this statin, you will smell the scent again for a few weeks or months. 

Pine Tar and Tung Oil 

This stain must be mixed with oil, like linseed or tung oil. The oil will add beauty to the finish. It also quickens the drying times to get rid of the stickiness. Should you decide to apply the mixture, you have to dry the wood first. Clean it properly. If necessary, you may sand it. Re-apply the mixture to spots that still look dry. 

Allow the wood to dry completely if you need to re-apply the mixture. Before you use it, though, make sure that the wood is completely dry, which can take a few hours. To be sure, wait for three days. Swedish pine tar is one of the easiest ways to waterproof your wood. But you need to use the genuine product to ensure that the result will last longer. To buy authentic pine tar, call us at (818) 308-8430