Painting Pine Wood

Does Pine Wood Need Treatment Before Painting?

Painting pine wood can be an exciting task. But it can get complicated if you’re not sure what to do. When it comes to painting any unfinished wood, one question you have in your mind is if the surface requires treatment. You’re going to find the answer in this post. So, keep reading to know more.

Wood Treatment Before Painting Pine Wood — a Necessary Thing to Do?

Pinewood is an outstanding building material. It’s a versatile product. However, it’s also prone to moisture and decay, just like other wooden materials. Hence, to protect it from decay, it has to undergo wood treatment. Unfortunately, “Both the treatment process and the use of treated products can result in risks to human health and the environment,” according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

But preparing bare pine wood for staining correctly is important to make sure you get a long-lasting, gorgeous finish. If not prepared properly, its knots and sap bleeding will affect the coating. Thus, to avoid the risks to human health, experts recommend using natural wood products to treat wood. One option is the use of pine tar.

Painting Pine Wood

Pine Tar to Safely Treat Wood Surface

Pine tar is made of natural ingredients. Authentic pine tar has no toxic phenol and carcinogenic components. These are some of the concerns in the past. However, if homeowners or painters would just opt for authentic pine tar, this treatment can be an effective way to preserve the wood with minimal safety risk. But before you treat it, there are things you need to do first.

Checking Moisture Content

Treating bare wood requires checking its moisture content. If the wood has high moisture levels, it can result in product failure. It loses its adhesion, too. That’s why before you apply wood treatment, you need to dry up the wood first. It’s also ideal to perform this task in the summer or during warmer days. This will ensure that drying the wood before and after will be quick.

Removing Wood Treatment

If the pinewood has been treated before, the coat must be removed first before applying fresh treatment. This is necessary so that the coat will penetrate deeply into the wood and provide a proper seal.

Filling the Holes

The pinewood you want to treat might have holes or cracks. Make sure to eliminate them first by sanding the surface. Utilize a grade wood filler when filling in cracks. When you sand the wood, though, you must go in the direction of the wood grain. If you do across the grain, it can only create scratches, which will only absorb the stain unevenly.

Where to Find Pine Tar?

You can find pine tar wood treatment anywhere online. However, if you wish for authentic pine tar, you may visit our online shop. Painting pine wood with genuine pine tar will guarantee you get the results you desire. Call us to know more about our wood treatment products: (818) 308-8430.