Does Pine Tar for Baseball Improve Grip on Bats?

If you are a fan of major league baseball, you might notice that some players have a brown substance on their hands. It is not mud or sand. Rather, it is pine tar for baseball. What is it exactly? What does it do? 

What is Pine Tar for Baseball?

This is an adhesive material that can improve the grip on bats. It can be used legally. But there are regulations when using this product. You can only spread up to 18 inches of this product on a bat. Previously, players didn’t like washing their hands after applying pine tar to the bat. But it only resulted in the stain from getting on the helmets and hats. 


Why Players Would Want to Use Pine Tar? 

As mentioned, it can help in improving the grip. Bats are smooth and slippery. Thus, players rub this sticky liquid on the handles to reduce slippage when they swing. They also add rosin to the pine tar. In addition to offering more grip on bats, players can also have a more relaxed grip. In that case, they have better contact with the ball so they are more likely to hit a home run. 

Is Pine Tar Only Used on Baseball? 

No. Pine tar is an ancient product used in wood preservation. The resins in the product prevent mold, rot, and fungus. It is one reason it is ideal for decks, barns, roofs, and other applications. Opting for this product means that you want to use natural preservatives for your wood surface. It can resist moisture and microbes, thereby, preventing the surface from cracking or drying. As it can prevent moisture from going inside the surface, it allows the wood to breathe. 

How Safe is Pine Tar? 

Pine tar contains natural ingredients. That’s why it is commonly used in major league baseball. It has been around for more than 7000 years. Its uses are endless. In addition to baseball, you can also apply it to many types of wood surfaces. Boat owners are using it on their ropes or wooden hulls. Building owners also choose to apply this product to their buildings. 

does pine tar for baseball improve grip on bats


How to Use this Product? 

It works like paint. That is, you need a brush to apply it onto the wood surface. However, the stickiness of the product makes it difficult to apply. That’s why it is recommended to mix it with oil or another solvent to make application less time-consuming. The most popular product to dilute pine tar with is purified linseed oil. You can buy it at our online shop. 

After tilting the product, you also need to warm up the mixture to make it easier to apply to the surface. Warming the mixture will make it easier for the product to penetrate the wood. Furthermore, it makes the result long-lasting. 

Pine tar for baseball offers a lot of benefits and uses. If you wish to buy genuine pine tar products, make sure to call us here at (818) 308-8430 or visit our online shop to browse our selection.