colored pine tar

Do You Know These Things About Colored Pine Tar?

Colored pine tar is a popular way to treat wood to protect it from moisture, mold growth, etc. This treatment is collected from the trees. Many Scandinavian homes are using it to preserve the beauty of the wood facade. Although you can use other modern treatments, many people are still using it because it’s eco-friendly. It’s friendly to the environment because it comes from wood. Its benefits are impressive as well. 

Colored Pine Tar Penetrates the Wood Better 

Apart from preserving wood, it also protects the wood from foreign elements. One of the enemies of wood is moisture. When there’s moisture, mold and fungi can grow. Wood substance starts to dissolute and rots because of the overgrowth of fungi that affect wood tissue. What pine tar does is that it penetrates the inside of the wood and forms a barrier. With the barrier, drying and cracking can be prevented. It also keeps water out. When there’s no moisture, wood can be properly preserved to its best form. This kind of treatment is also effective in preventing insect activity. 

Different Colors

Pine tar isn’t only available in one hue. You can get a red tint or a light golden color. Because the function of pine tar is to preserve the wood, the wood’s grain will still show through. The colored pine tar will vary from one container to another. If you wish for consistent results, you need to mix different cans. 

colored pine tar

Dilution is Required 

Pine tar is sticky. To make it effective in preserving wood, you should dilute it first. The most common way to dilute it is to mix it with linseed oil. Gum turpentine is also a good alternative to linseed oil. Before using pine tar and mixing it with linseed oil, warm it up first. This will help pine tar to mix well with linseed oil. The mixture will also penetrate better into the wood if it’s warm. 

Strong Scent 

Pine tar comes from wood. Thus, expect it to have a strong odor. However, its scent is not toxic. Then again, you must apply it outdoors. If you apply it to the hardwood floor in your house, you need to open your doors and windows. Make sure that there’s proper ventilation when applying it to the wood. It won’t suffocate you. However, the odor can be too overwhelming for some people. However, once the wood treated with pine tar is completely dried, the scent of the finished product is inviting and pleasant. Drying the treated wood can take a few days. If you wish for the treated wood to dry up quickly, you must apply the solution during hot weather, preferably in the summer. Remember, you need to dry the wood first before applying the treatment. 

Where to Buy Authentic Pine Tar? 

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