colored pine tar

Is Colored Pine Tar Antiseptic?

Why do you think that some wooden buildings are still standing strong despite their old age? One reason is colored pine tarMany people in Scandinavia are using this wood preservative to protect their boats, jetties, etc. It doesn’t just protect the structures to fight against rot but this wood protector is also mildly antiseptic. 

colored pine tar

Can You Use Colored Pine Tar to Treat Skin Conditions? 

As mentioned, pine tar has antiseptic properties. Because of that, you can see pine as one of the ingredients in soap, shampoo, skin ointments, and many pharmaceutical and veterinary products. It contains neutral oils, fatty acids, and resin acids, among others. Old wooden buildings that have been treated with pine tar are standing still today because of these substances. How much oils, fatty acids, and acids are present in pine tar will depend on the part of the tree being used to make it. However, if you want the best pine tar, you must consider the one that uses resin. The reason for this is that resin has properties that can protect the tree from rotting. Unfortunately, it’s now challenging to find stumps. That’s why many companies that make pine tar are using branches and tree trunks. 

What is the Scent of Pine Tar? 

It has a natural aroma scent. When you apply it to your wooden deck, you’ll be reminded of the forest you’ve been to last summer. However, the scent of this liquid will depend on the species of pine being used to produce it. When you encounter resin-free pine tar, you can’t use it in treating the wooden structure in your house. The reason for this is that this type of tar lacks resin or terpenes. In other words, they don’t have wood-protective properties. The colored pine tar products that we sell here contain the necessary ingredients to protect your wooden structures from rot. The pine tar in our products came from tree stumps. The solvent is also extracted from wood. Because of their protective properties, applying pine tar to your wooden structures will give them an attractive look while protecting them from rot. The reason it’s so effective in protecting woods is that it penetrates deeply into the wood. As a result, the wood will not dry out or crack. Keep in mind that if water gets into the wood, through cracks, it can cause the wood to rot. Applying pine tar, prevents the wood from drying, thereby, preventing it from decaying. However, you’ll have to re-apply it regularly. In some cases, you may need to apply it every year or once every two years. How often to reapply will depend on the appearance of the wooden. If you see that the stain fades, you may reapply it. 

Shop for Colored Pine Tar 

If you have a hard time looking for authentic pine tar, then you have come to the right place. At Pine Tar World, we only sell genuine colored pine tar that can effectively protect any wooden structures in your house. Explore our products through our shop page or call us for more information: (818) 308-8430.