colored pine tar vitriol

Colored Pine Tar: “Vitriol”

Finding the right colored pine tar may be tricky when deciding on a new exterior look. Pine Tar World suggests the rich, warm, and yet very calming color, Vitriol. Vitriol may not be the first color one would think of and decide for a new exterior appearance, but gray is a quite attractive color and it can help make your wooden structure look much better. To make sure you get that warm gray color, you will need to combine a few other products to get this beautiful Vitriol outcome. By using Gum Turpentine with Genuine Pine Tar with pigments of gray, you can achieve a warm, welcoming color. The Vitriol color welcomes your wood to a completely unique appearance, unlike what other colored pine may give.

colored pine tar vitriol

Positive Attributes

Many of Pine Tar World’s customers who have given Vitriol-colored pine tar a try come back saying they are glad they gave it a chance. Vitriol-colored pine tar has many attributes that help contribute to the best possible outcome for your wooden project. One of the attributes is the fact that the Vitriol-colored pine tar becomes water-resistant and holds the water out so there is no worry of water damage, especially if you live in a city with excessive rain or with intense humidity. The pine tar will protect your wood from water and other precipitations. Another worry-free attribute is the protection from harmful microorganisms that can hurt and damage your wooden structures. With resins and terpenes in their colored pine tar, it protects your wood from becoming infected with microorganisms. Resins help trees heal their injuries, so you’ll know that those same healing and protective powers will be in your wooden projects as well.

Get Your Vitriol Colored Pine Tar Now

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