Turpentine Uses

Can Turpentine Be Used to Clean Wood?

Turpentine uses are aplenty. It is used in paint and finishes stripping. It comes from pine wood chips that have been heated. The chemical produced is distilled. What are the many uses of turpentine? Where can you purchase it? 

What are the Many Turpentine Uses You Must Know? 

Remove Paint 

This is the most common use of turpentine. It can effectively remove paint from surfaces, like wood. It softens the paint when it’s applied to a painted surface. When it touches the surface, it is easier to wipe it away. 

Strip Finishing 

Turpentine is also used in softening varnish or shellacked finishes on woods. When it is applied to the surface, you can easily wipe away the varnish or any finish. 

Thin Paint 

It is also mixed with paint to thin it. Turpentine is commonly used for this purpose in the art industry. If you are applying pine tar to the wood surface, you can mix turpentine to thin the pine tar, which is sticky when applied alone. 

Turpentine Uses

Gum Turpentine and Pine Tar: A Perfect Combination 

When you need to apply finishing to a wood surface and you’re planning to use pine tar, make sure to thin it first using turpentine. Treating your wood surface with this mixture can protect and preserve the surface. This type of treatment can be applied to either hardwood or softwood. And when you purchase turpentine and pine tar from Pine Tar World, you can be sure that you are getting authentic products. 

Make the Wood Surface in Perfect Condition 

Combining gum turpentine and pine tar can make a great wood treatment. It protects the surface and ensures it is in excellent condition all year round. But before you even apply it, make sure that you have sanded the surface or have removed mold, dirt, and algae. You should also completely dry the surface first before applying this mixture. Cleaning the surface will guarantee the treatment will penetrate deeply into the wood to provide thorough protection. It also reduced the risk of wood splitting and warping. 

Easy to Handle 

Gum turpentine is easy to handle. It’s also environmentally friendly. That’s why it’s commonly added in any wood treatment that lets the natural beauty of any wood show. It’s also an ideal treatment for wood as it offers long-lasting protection. 

Applied to Any Wood Surface 

Although it is commonly used in the wood deck, you can use gum turpentine and pine tar world in your garden fence, which turns grey over time. As you apply this wood treatment, its original color comes back while providing an extra layer of protection to the fence. 

Where is the Best Place to Buy Turpentine and Other Wood Treatments? 

The best place to purchase and take advantage of turpentine uses is at Pine Tar World. It offers a range of wood protection products that can provide the wooden surface with excellent protective layers. When you treat the wood surface with the products, you are helping the wood products to fight against attacks from mold fungus, algae, and mold. To know more about these products, call us at (818) 308-8430