Swedish pine tar

Can Swedish Pine Tar Stop Termites?

Termites are destructive. They might be small but they can be dangerous. Without you knowing it, they can weaken the integrity of your house. That’s why it’s vital to stop them from spreading. If you have already noticed them crawling, consider applying Swedish pine tar

Is Swedish Pine Tar Effective at Stopping Termites? 

This wood treatment has antiseptic properties. With that in mind, it can repel insects, including termites. But you need to stop these insects ASAP before it’s too late. You can treat your wood today, even if you don’t notice any termites yet. When you treat the wood with pine tar that has antiseptic properties, the termites will absorb it because they breathe through their exoskeleton, thereby killing them. 

What Other Ways to Kill Termites? 

In addition to applying pine tar, you can also use Clorox or bleach. But it doesn’t kill a colony of termites that have been established in your home. You can only use bleach to kill the termites that you can see. If they are already living on your walls or roof, you can’t get rid of them quickly. You should call a termite control agency to exterminate them completely. 

Once they are exterminated, you can now preserve the wood and protect them from rotting. When you apply pine tar to the wooden structure, you are protecting the inside of the wood from any pests, including termites. These insects can no longer penetrate the wood causing harm. 

What are the Benefits of Pine Tar? 

Besides stopping termites, it can also add a stain-like finish to the wood. You can use it on barns, fence posts, and other wooden structures. There are different types of finishes. Choose a color that fits your project. What’s great about this product is that it doesn’t require a solvent. However, you still need to mix it with raw linseed oil to make it easier to apply to the wood. 

Pine tar is vicious. Without mixing it first with linseed oil, it becomes challenging to apply to any wood to prevent mold and fungus growth. You should apply this treatment once or every other year. It depends on the condition of the wood. If you see that the finish is fading, you may apply it again. 

When to Apply this Treatment? 

The best season to treat your wood is summer. Hot weather allows the wood to quickly dry. Remember that the wood must be dry first before applying the treatment. This is necessary to completely remove any moisture present in the wood. If there’s still moisture, pine tar can’t effectively protect the structure. Typically, it takes three days to completely dry the wood. You should also clean the surface first. 

Swedish pine tar

Bringing Back the Luster

Swedish pine tar is a kind of wood treatment that can effectively prevent and stop termites from spreading. Even if it’s exposed to moisture, it won’t penetrate the treated wood. 

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