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Can Pine Tar Oil Go Bad? How Often to Re-Apply It?

Pine tar oil stays good in a can for a long time, as long as it has not been opened. If it has been opened, its effectiveness still remains for a long period. But the typical life for any wood preservative, like pine tar, is three years. But this is just an estimate. As long as you store it in a temperature-regulated environment it can last a lot longer. 

When to Re-Apply Pine Tar Oil? 

It depends on the surface you applied this oil. You can use this product to treat the wood outside. By treating it with this oil, the wood will be fully protected against sun, wind, and other elements that can cause the surface to crack and start to rot. Its protective abilities stay on the treated wood for at least a year. When you see that the color has faded, you may want to re-apply this treatment. 

Protecting Wood with Pine Tar 

There are many wood protectors on the market. But pine tar remains the most popular because of its ability to preserve any wooden buildings. It waterproofs the wood to ensure that it will last for decades. This is one reason this wood protection is widely used in Scandinavia. It has been utilized for hundreds of years in protecting wood products. 

How to Use this Wood Protective Product? 

Pine tar must be mixed with oil. The most ideal is tung oil. Mixing it with oil will make pine tar easy to handle. It won’t be that sticky anymore when oil is added. Furthermore, the mixture hastens the drying times. 

Before you apply it to the surface, you should blend the ingredients properly. The surface must be cleaned and sanded properly. If you think that some spots still look dry, consider re-applying the mixture to those areas. 

Drying the Wood 

It is vital that you allow the wood surface to dry before you step on it or use it. It can take a few hours or so to ensure that it is ready to use. You can re-apply the mixture as often as you want until the desired finish has been achieved. 

Before Application 

The wood surface must be completely dry first before you even attempt to apply this mixture. Any loose or warped spots must be removed. That’s why it is crucial to sand the area. It will ensure that the mixture will penetrate the wood properly. The surface must be clean and smooth before application. 

pine tar oil

When is the Best Time to Apply Pine Tar? 

You can apply this product to any wood surface at any time of the year. However, because it requires a thoroughly dry surface before application, you would want to apply it during warm months. 

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