vitriol colored pine tar

Vitriol Colored Pine Tar

“Vitriol” is defined as “cruel and bitter criticism.” However, that’s not what you’ll find with our vitriol-colored pine tar. This pine tar is one of our most popular color pine tar options. While many people have heard of our other kinds of pine tar, this particular color of pine tar is a bit lesser-known. That…

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classic black pine tar

Classic Black Pine Tar

When people think of pine tar, Classic Black Pine Tar is often what comes to mind. This pine tar has a classic, authentic look that has lasted for a very long period of time. This pine tar has stood the test of time, both literally and metaphorically. We’ve had this kind of black tar with us for…

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pine tar for soap

Be Eco Friendly by Using Pine Tar for Soap

With the current shift in environmental awareness in our world, we are beginning to search for alternatives to poorly packaged or chemically induced products. An exorbitant amount of facts and toxins are slowly revealing themselves to us as consumers. Which only makes us want to use products that are all-natural, environmentally friendly, as well as…

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great pine tar wood stain

Great Pine Tar Wood Stain

There’s nothing in the world quite like a wood building. The classic look, the historic presentation, and even the lovely scent – no other building can capture that. Wood, while incredible, does require a kind of maintenance that other building materials don’t. That’s where great pine tar wood stain comes in. The right kind of…

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