Black Pine Tar 

Black Pine Tar to Protect Old, Untreated Wood

Black pine tar is one of the most popular wood preservatives that can protect any wood products, be they old or untreated. No matter what wood product you have, it is still susceptible to fungi and weathering. If infected, the lifespan will be reduced. Furthermore, you need to apply wood treatment even if your wood is pressure treated. Otherwise, the quality of your timber will decline dramatically.

Avoiding Wood Quality Decline with Black Pine Tar 

It does not matter where you live. If you have wooden products at home or in the office, you must treat them to preserve their quality. Treatment must be your priority if you wish the products to last long. Depending on the type of wood, you may treat it once every three months or once a year. However, if you failed to stain it, the timber may be vulnerable to decay and damage due to rain exposure. 

What If the Wood is Untreated? 

It may not be too late yet to protect your wooden product. However, you don’t want to wait for too long before you apply for the treatment. Untreated wood can be susceptible to fungi and weathering. You should treat it with pine tar to ensure proper wood protection. Pine tar is a type of wood preservative that can form a protective barrier against fungi, mold, and water. However, no matter how effective it is in protecting your wood, you must renew the stain’s effectiveness by re-applying it every six months or once a year. When the wood product is treated with pine tar, you can be sure that it will last longer. However, you must re-apply the stain before it starts to fade. Some of our clients re-apply this treatment every six months, but once a year is already enough. 

Swedish Pine Tar Wood Stain

Wood is Pressure Treated 

Indeed, wood that has been treated with premium wood preservatives will make the wood product last longer. One reason for this is that the preservative is applied deeply into the wood to ensure penetration. That said, pressure-treated wood is not waterproof. In that case, you still need to apply pine tar wood as a base layer preservative. As mentioned, you may apply it every year to provide full protection to your wood product throughout the winter months. However, if your wood has undergone pressure treatment recently, you should wait for a few months or a year before you apply the wood stain. This will allow the wood to weather. 

Coats of Pine Tar 

It varies depending on the type of absorption properties of the wood. However, applying up to three coats is enough to fully protect the wood and obtain the best results. 

Prolonging Life Span of the Wood 

Wood products are great. You can use wood as your fence or purchase wood furniture. However, wood products are prone to decay if not treated and preserved well. If you wish for the timber products to last for a long time, consider applying pine tar wood stain. There are different colors you can choose from. If you have dark wood, consider black pine tar wood stain. To know more about it, give us a call at (818) 308-8430.